City says old hospital secure, pics suggest otherwise (photo gallery)

Inside the old General Hospital site. Provided to SaultOnline from Pabtimbo.

“It’s like being in the apocolypse…”

That was part of my conversation with a man who goes by the pseudonym Pabtimblo Juan Escwilsobar on Facebook. Earlier this week, he and a friend went into the old hospital and took a pile of pictures they then pasted on social media.

“It’s pretty easy to get into, we just walked in, we didn’t have to pry anything open or anything,” said Pabtimbo. “There is a couple of different places you can get in, at least two. But the one you just walk in, there’s like a stairwell and you just walk in and there’s like two foot wide opening, you go through that, there is a hole through the wall and your in.”

This is in stark contrast to what Freddy Pozzebon, chief building officer for Sault Ste. Marie said in a statement to SaultOnline, July 8.

“The owner has complied with the last two Orders that were issued. This includes:

  • Openings boarded up on June 25,
  • Piles of dirt levelled off on June 29,

Our office proactively visits the property twice a month. As a result, By-law officials will be issuing an Order to cut the grass,” said Pozzebon.

“It’s sad to see, you know, both of my children were born in there. So, when I was in the rooms that they were delivered in then it’s just like, holy crap,” said Pabtimbo. “It’s like being in the apocalypse. You know, and it’s surprising how quick like it’s deteriorating.”

Many neighbours and citizens have reached out asking for the building to be torn down and the by-laws to be enforced. Although there were no people found inside the building, Pabtimbo said there is evidence of people having been inside and using drugs. He said the smell is atrocious and said they wore masks the whole time they were in the building.

Other people have told SaultOnline there can be between 5-30 people in there on bad weather nights.

Stay with SaultOnline as we continue to bring you more information on this case.



  1. That should be torn down the people next. Door wondering when
    It’s an eye sore when it going to be demolish
    City has money they bought the vacant lot of a strip joint

  2. Some businesses are having a sidewalk sale on Queen today. Just saying.

    That old hospital is disgusting. I wouldn’t even want to breath the air in around the exterior of that place.

  3. the city saying it’s closed only means that they’ve done they’re bare minimum of due diligence so as to not be legally responsible. this development seems like a Phillip Garforth special for those who remember…

  4. It’s time for a new chief building inspector, and a new mayor, and and an entire new council. The misdirected, near broke city is going to hell in a hand basket.

    • If only it was safe for the crew and actors, I would absolutely agree! Unfortunately the unions would never let a crew scout the place, none the less shoot in it.

  5. Good report. Thank you Dan.
    Perhaps the city can warm up the crews and the machines tearing the structure down… or maybe the mayor can call the Army to assist in the demolition, then pass the bill to the owners and their friends/acquittances/partners.
    Till that happens, at least if a person dies inside, we have an image reflecting the behaviour of the owner and the authorities in charge of enforcing the by-law.
    Where are the enforcers and the soldiers from the city with those fancy white cars decorated with chicken lights all around?

  6. Possibly the property owner could be asked for comment on 1) current situation and 2) progress on his development plans from two years ago – a 200-bed, long-term care facility and luxury townhouses? Citizens would find that of interest. Owner is Leisure Meadows, a subsidiary of Wilsondale Assets Management Inc.

  7. trouble is…who’s going to pay? It’s millions of dollars we’re talking about. You can say “make the owner pay” all you want but when they don’t, the taxpayer ends up footing the bill.

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