Cyclist struck in late night collision

Sault Ste. Marie Police Services

Sault Police responded to calls of a collision in the East End, late last night.

According to a witness, an ambulance and police services attended to a collision between a car and a bicycle at the corner of Trunk Road and Dacey Road at approximately 11 p.m.

The witness said it appeared as though the teenager on the bike had suffered minor injuries as a result of the collision. including what appeared to be a broken arm.

Sault Police Communication Manager, Lincoln Louttit, confirmed they did investigate a MVC there last night.

“I can confirm officers responded to a call of a vehicle colliding with someone on a bicycle,” said Louttit. “However, initial call notes indicate no injuries were sustained.” He did make of point of indicating that the full officer notes were not yet available.

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  1. As Will pointed out, it’s common for cyclist to move in town without lights or at least with reflective on them.
    Here in down town is common for cyclists to pull out of lanes straight, and at considerable speed, on to the streets with traffic, at all times.
    In the evening as the day light disappears that’s not a good practice.

  2. I’ve seen many after dark bicycle riders dressed in dark or black clothing, with no reflectors, head or tail lights. Not sure where the blame lies in this instance but many cyclists need to smarten up and at the very least light up their rides.

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