Downtown collision sends motorcyclist to hospital

The Paramedic supervisor vehicle and an ambulance attended the scene, July 21, 2021 (Dan Gray/

A downtown corner where neighbours say speed is an issue, was the site of a collision involving a motorcyclist this evening.

At approximately 5 p.m. Sault Police Services and Paramedics attended the intersection of Albert Street East and Tancred street.

Upon arrival it was learned a truck and motorcycle had come into contact with each other. According to witnesses the rider was injured and paramedics were seen taking a victim to hospital.

The bike didn’t look to be damaged badly as it was being rolled away from the scene. A witness said the left side of the bike had some damage to it when they arrived.

Albert street was closed to traffic for about 30 minutes with a good Samaritan using their vehicle to block traffic and then directing traffic down a nearby street.

There is no word on cause or how bad the injuries are. The site has since been cleared.

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  1. Doesn’t help when bikes think they rule the roads. In the Cambrian Mall parking lot the other day, there were 6 or 7 bikers driving and one or two of them moved into oncoming traffic lanes to BLOCK traffic so their ‘brothers’ could exit first. Just stopped the legal movement of traffic to let their fellow Warthogs go through. Stupid name by the way. Ugly, smelly and filth wallowing warthogs isn’t something I would want to be associated with. “Look twice, Save a life”? Yeah, because the first time you look they aren’t in your path and by the time you go to move, they’ve moved in front of you.

  2. The cause of the accident was the biker veered into the adjacent lane and into the truck that was next to it causing the biker to lose control and crash. Speed was not the issue, its was a lack of awareness of other people on the road either due to the truck being in a blind spot or not checking to see if there was a vehicle in the lane next to them.

  3. They need to put up more of those flashing radar signs, especially on Bay street east. Someone is going to get killed with all the racing that goes on in this area and there is never any enforcement.

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