Gas Shoots Up To $1.44.9 in the Sault


Motorists in the Sault will be paying much more at the pumps as of today.  Some local gas stations have just posted an increase to one of the highest costs at the pumps for years.

Just before the noon hour, Shell Stations increased the cost of unleaded regular fuel from $1.39.9 to $1.44.9 / litre

Some others have not followed suit as of yet, but prices are expected to increase at other gas stations locally.

The lowest cost remains at the Esso station on Frontenac st. at $1.35 a litre.

As of 11:30am, other stations were still posting $1.39.9

The highest cost of fuel in Canada is in British Columbia at $1.60 / litre.

Gas and oil analyst warn that local gas prices could hit $1.50 / litre by the end of Summer.




  1. You can thank Joe Biden, and Trudeau’s quest for green, for the rising gas prices. This is just a start of the predicted rise in fuel as long as the left have power. Bottom line. Ron…..

  2. Some of the comments here just show how misinformed people really are. They just comment out of frustration and don’t have a clue. One comment broke down the price of gas. TAXES
    Trudeau must go.

  3. Big Arrow Variety and Gas Bar in Garden River is currently 133.9, moving up to 138.9 in the next few hours. Holding strong at .6 cents cheaper per litre. Everyone is welcome, The Big Arrow is a locally own gas station that continues to be the cheapest around.

  4. The local gouging monopoly should be ashamed, as if the price wasn’t too high already. This is about $6.60 for 1 gallon of gas. Xtra pitiful. The gouging must stop.

  5. The price will continue to increase until Trudeau calls the election. Prices in the USA are way higher than in Canada in many states. Do not look for relief soon.

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