Has the baseball no-hitter lost its shine?

Justin Verlander celebrating his third career no hitter (MLB.com)

A baseball Superfan and a baseball record holder tend to have differing thoughts on whether or not the No-Hitter has lost some of its loving feeling.

George Bradley, credited with the first official MLB no-hitter (wikipedia)

Since 1876, when Major League Baseball started keeping records of this rare feat where pitchers throw a complete game with no hits allowed, only 312 of them have been achieved.

To give that context, outside of the COVID year and since only 1961, MLB has logged over 144,000 games.

With that being said, since 2000, 70 of these “gems” have been recorded, with seven occurring this season.

Todd Shearon has seen hundreds of games in person, and is the author of Major League Anxiety, a book about a trip that he and his brothers took, visiting all 30 MLB stadiums in 28 days. He thinks witnessing a no-hitter in person will always be a special moment, especially to those who play the game or see one in person.

“There’s a prestige level to that, you know, if you’re in attendance for one of those games, you’ve seen something fantastic. It’s special, it really is, I’ve never seen one in person,” said Shearon. “I don’t think you can make something like that lackluster. It’s, it’s, it’s very special. And to the point that we almost even don’t think it’s attainable. So for these guys, you ask any pro ballplayer, they’re going to be like, no, it’s very special.”

Cory Kluber has the most recent no-hitter in MLB. (Wikipedia)

Christian Bouchard is a die-hard baseball fan and has been a St. Louis Cardinals fan his whole life. He also owns the largest collection of signed baseball cards this author has seen.

“I believe it’s fair to say in 2021 the no-hitter has lost some importance. We have seen one per week this season. Typically we see 1 every year, maybe 2. The pace we are on has been incredible, but far too many for my liking to be honest,” said Bouchard. “Unfortunately we now live in an era where it’s ok to bat .240 if you have power numbers, meanwhile the guy who hits .300 with no power is struggling for playing time. I do find it interesting how three teams have been no hit twice now and not a single pitcher was a teams ace!”

The most no-hitters pitched by team (business insider)

In the history of the Detroit Tigers they have had seven no-hitters and the Blue Jays have had one.

So has the no-hitter lost it’s magic? it seems fans and experts are split, what do you think?

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