It’s Time Again…


Having recently moved back to our old country farmhouse, I am experiencing a revived excitement for connecting with the things that I love the most.  It seemed appropriate, in the middle of a world crisis, not to give up the 50-acre property that we have owned for over 17 years.  It needs a ton of TLC but we are up to the challenge.  It also gives me the nudge to write again and share more of my hobby photos and our comings and goings, as we attempt to live a full life.

I suppose that the local housing market boom helped our decision to sell our place in the city.  I think a lot of people have been doing the same thing.  Cottages, camps, waterfront properties, recreational vehicles, homes, fun toys, boats, tourist parks, and more are experiencing a boom that has never been seen before, in our history.  We have all been turned upside down with the uncertainty of this last year and a half.  At the same time, I apparently love my life being upside down.

Life is a series of crazy times, fun times, stressful times, and joyful times.  I guess the point is that what else is life for if not for the adventures?  I am on a constant journey of trying to figure life out.  Passing my 51st year on earth I am no further ahead of making sense of life.  Even though that is true, one thing that I am absolutely positive of is that I am going to do my very best at making it as interesting as possible.  I seek out exploring the planet and catching the sunrises, sunsets, the moon, the clouds, my walks, the kids, nature, and more.

I think I am up to over 50,000 photos on Facebook.  I love sharing our adventures, nature photos, travel, and more so please feel free to visit or follow.  I do my best to keep my page an experience that leaves you more energized by the end of your visit.  I originally started my FB page when I was doing a lot of speaking and training in the realm of wellness and self-care.  I wanted individuals to continue to stay connected and have a continual source of energy boosters.  Now, I just love to share our adventures.

I intend to write “Some Thoughts” at least weekly again.  It encourages me to sit down and reflect on what is happening around me.  Writing also reminds me to look for the good stuff, in the middle of the chaos.  Since it is raining outside and I have a ton of laundry, organizing, and painting to do, I will leave this here.  I am so excited to be back.  Please have an excellent week ahead!

A thought to ponder: If I couldn’t use words to speak, what would my life be saying?”  ~ Evinda Lepins

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