Jamestown holds inaugural kids day (photo album)

Images from the first annual Sal's Summer Kids Day in Jamestown, July 18, 2021 ( community member)

Sault Police Services and Sault Fire Services were called to Jamestown this afternoon, but for a good cause.

The Facebook group Jamestown Strong choose today to have the inaugural Sal’s Summer Kids Day. It was a day designed for the kids of the community to get together and have fun as the pandemic restrictions lifted. Shauna Wilson, one of the organizers and a community member said it will become an annual event.

Images from the first annual Sal’s Summer Kids Day in Jamestown, July 18, 2021 (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

“[It was important] to do this to bring the community together, to show them we are as one,” said Wilson. “Jamestown strong [exists] to make this community better.”

Sault Police Services had members of their department on location interacting with the kids and parents of the neighbourhood. Sault Police Services Chief Hugh Stevenson could be seen talking with multiple individuals and listening to their stories.

Sault Police Services Chief Hugh Stevenson gets smoked with a water balloon in Jamestown, July 18, 2021 (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

“Police are part of the community, it is our role, it is our job to be here, for all communities in this city,” said Stevenson. “Jamestown goes through some challenging times sometimes in the year, we want to make sure the community understands we are here for them and we care.”

Stevenson noted the events like the scavenger hunt, fish pond and bingo among others are ways for the community to see the police are part of their community.

Images from the first annual Sal’s Summer Kids Day in Jamestown, July 18, 2021 (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

Multiple community organizations could be seen in the Spadoni’s parking lot sharing information, providing clothing, water, food and games for the kids to play. Kids even had a shot at throwing re-usable water balloons at Stevenson at one point.

As part of their role in community outreach, Sault Fire Services did a quick drive-by of the events after attending a nearby false alarm. Although they didn’t get out of their vehicles, just seeing them made many kids and adults smile.

Images from the first annual Sal’s Summer Kids Day in Jamestown, July 18, 2021 ( community member)

One of the pillars of the Fire Services is community outreach and I overheard one parent tell their child that firefighters are who they would call if the house caught fire, but they also warned them not to play with fire.

The event was a giant success according to organizers and they look forward to doing it again next year.

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  1. Hi! Sal was my fathers nickname he lived his whole life in Jamestown he was a true westender and they all had nicknames! I love your ideas

  2. That’s awesome! But who is Sal? I’d like to more about him.
    They should do more for kids in Jamestown, even just the simple things that they don’t have access to or can afford.
    Like a once a week ice-cream truck stop by with FREE ice cream for the KIDS (Payed for by donations? I’d donate to that) or when the store was still operating I would donate a fun candy item wrapped in cellophane and every kid could put their name in to enter to win it. At the end of the week one of the local kids wins it.
    How about Jamestown Pizza Bingo, each week a different restaurant could donate a pizza to be delivered to that weeks Jamestown Strong winner. Could enter and pick winners from online.
    It’s the small things that the kids miss out on here. I remember about 8 years ago a bunch of kids were bored so an older guy said let’s play street hockey! We just made goal posts out of snow piles on the road and these boys had NEVER played street hockey before. We told them to throw all their hockey sticks in a pile to pick teams via sticks. The kids had NEVER seen that! I was stunned. We had to teach them when someone yells “CAR” they must go to the side of the street. These kids had never done that before! I was designated ‘car’ caller. And omg it was the funniest thing to watch these kids, pure joy they had. They loved when a car came, “CARRRRR”….they would scatter to the sides and dive over the snowbanks like a tank was rolling down the street or something. lol. That one day of street hockey showed me the difference in how I grew up, it was unbelievable to me that kids that age didn’t know what yelling ‘car’ meant they were to do. In a hockey town, these kids never played street hockey before! Just think about that.

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