Local motorcyclist starts petition for change on busy highway

A photo of Highway 17, outside Timberland general store.

In light of the most recent, serious accident on Highway 17, north of Sault Ste. Marie, a local women is asking for change.

Tammy Landry has started a petition asking for there to be a turning lane installed at the Timberland Variety store in Goulais River.

This is the location where, just this past weekend, three motorcyclists were seriously injured when they were involved in a collision at this location.

Shelly Ash is the Mother-in-Law of Pierre Poirier, the individual airlifted to the hospital after the incident. She both signed the petition and left a comment asking for the turning lane.

“Pierre is my son in law. It breaks my heart to see his [wife’s] and my daughter’s future in shambles. No one else should have to go through this because of a lack of turning lane.”

Landry tells us many of her family members have had close calls there and, being a motorcycle rider herself, this adds even more fear. Every time she hears the sirens headed in that direction or of an accident there, she worries it’s someone she loves.

“There have been several serious accidents in front of the LCBO/Timberland entrance in Goulais River, on Highway 17 North. A turning lane would go a long way to saving lives and help keep people safe,” said Landry. “It breaks my heart to see the memorial in front of it as a constant reminder of a needless death and it makes me shudder every time I hear emergency vehicles headed that way or news that the highway is closed due to an accident. Please sign the petition to have a turning lane put in.”

The petition received more than 1000 signatures in the first six hours. Landry is going to send it to anyone that will listen early next week, including MPP’s Mike Mantha and Ross Romano.

You can sign the petition here – Petition · Turning Lane in Front of Timberland/LCBO on Highway 17 North · Change.org

Stay with SaultOnline as we continue to bring you more information on the progress of this petition and any changes it may bring about to Highway 17 North.


  1. 1. What has this got to do with the city of Sault Ste. Marie, and its city council? There are references to “city” and “council”. I don’t think that it’s inside city limits.
    2. What are the extraneous references to lunches?
    3. Has there been a study done by the Province, MOT or other responsible bodies?

  2. All avoidable, here, and many other places without a turning lane.
    This was not an accident, it was an AVOIDABLE COLLISION.
    They happen every day because of careless and inattentive drivers.

  3. We have to bring our own lunches to work. Why are we paying for their lunch’s & what is not eaten is tossed out at our expense. I also agree with a turning lane. City needs to stop filling they pockets with our money.

  4. Stage 1: Council vote for installing a traffic light.
    Stage 2: Council discuss local opposition to traffic light.
    Stage 3: Council require staff advice regarding a turning lane on Highway 17th.
    Stage 4: Council is amazed they can’t change the lay out of Highway 17th.
    Stage 5: Contractor R. A. Violi writes a letter to MSM.
    Stage 6: Council vote on an ALL WAY stop sign and red light on Highway 17th.
    Stage 7: Neighbours request more stores on Highway 17th.
    Stage 8: Taxpayers ask why there is a $ 5690.69 for lunch.
    Stage 9: Taxpayers get a bargain, no sign, no light, no turning lane, and a $ 3999 for lunch.

  5. Hey soo Guy, I think you need to do some research.

    1. The store has paid taxes for years and years and will continue to do so as long as it is open, this contributes.

    2. The store sells gas, which has a tax on it specifically for roads.

    3. All the citizens that use the store also pay tax and deserve to be safe.

    And most importantly

    4. There is also a LCBO there, which is literally a taxpayer run government entity. This would also contribute.

    Few hundred thousand to put in a turning lane would be well warranted.

    • The point here is that there is no need for highway entrances for the store. There are entrances from Pine Shores Road which has a controlled turn off the highway. Closing the highway entrances is a simple, no cost solution. The store is afraid they may loose a customer of two if that happened so they want a turning lane.

      For safety implement the simple no cost solution. If the store wants to keep multiple entrances let them pay to make them safe.

      Looks like your research was incomplete. That’s an agency LCBO which is privately owned.

      • This petition is regarding the Timberland Store and LCBO. Which is north of Pineshores and across the river. You’re thinking of the Goulais Country Store/Castle Hardware store, a completely different building in a different location.

  6. I totally agree with a turning lane.
    With the number of past accidents at this store I am surprised this wasn’t taken into consideration when they rebuilt this section a few years back.
    This is a long straight stretch and people tend to speed up along this stretch. I have almost been rear ended at this section heading north to camp (and I put my signal on to turn right into the store just as I am getting of the bridge) because people drive like idiots!
    Something has to be done here before more lives are lost because people don’t pay attention.

    I will gladly sign this petition!

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