Man cycling over 2000 km for awareness

Shakib is seen here on his bike outside the Tim Hortons on Great Northern Road July 23, 2021 (Dan Gray/

People have been doing long journeys, and passing through Sault Ste. Marie as a part of these, since well before Terry Fox. The causes are always noble ranging from cancer awareness to remembrance of an individual or group and anything in between.

One such trek went through Sault Ste. Marie last Friday, raising awareness for parental alienation (PA).

Shakib left Montreal on July 12 and was headed for Winnipeg citing himself as a victim of parental alienation himself, the reasoning for his journey.

“It’s for my daughter, she is nine-years-old now and I haven’t seen here since she was 9-months old,” he told us, on his way through Sault Ste. Marie last week. “I’m doing this to show to my daughter when I finally meet her.  She’s gonna know that I never forgot her. I always loved her, I always think about her, And I’ve done everything I can in court to get access to her. It’s not something else. It’s not because I forgot her or I didn’t care about her. It’s an action to contradict words.”

He is creating a private video of the trip for when he meets her and he’s been shocked by the support in every town he has ridden through. He says it’s a lot of men who are victims of this, but there are women too.

“The [women] I’ve talked to, I’ve met on this on a road or they send me messages on messenger to support my action. They were a girlfriend of a victim of PA, so they are victims, too,” said Shakib. “But there is a woman who (will) marry a narcissist. And when she wants to separate because she’s living in a toxic relationship, she’s going to see hell.”

He alleges that the “family court” system is so corrupted and hopes the ride will have some effect.

“It’s not about the distance, but I haven’t found (an answer), I’m stuck fighting in “family court”, it’s corrupted, it’s crazy,” stated Shakib. “I’m kind the of person who wants action instead of talks. So I was looking for something to do instead of fighting in court that take 1000s and 1000s of dollars.” Something to show his daughter he cares.

He was only given one week off work and he figures it will take him until the first week of August to finish the trip. He hasn’t figured out how he’s getting back to Montreal but has ruled out riding.

He didn’t share his real last name with us as he fears his “crazy ex” will find a way to use this against him in court. His journey can be followed on this Facebook page.


  1. One side of the story here.
    Also, he didn’t share his last name to protect himself from his “crazy ex” using it in court but he shared a picture of himself with the story…

  2. I think unless you’ve lived in that man’s shoe’s shouldn’t have a say Dave easy to say when it’s not your loss I’m sure he’s justified in his thoughts.

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