Man pleads guilty to child luring, sexual assault

correctional services

In a follow-up to a police report we brought you back in March, a 24-year-old male is now incarcerated.

In the original report, it was alleged that in the summer of 2019, Justin Hodder used social media to lure an underage victim to send intimate images to him. He later met the victim and touched them for a sexual purpose.

On July 8th, 2021, Hodder pleaded guilty to all of the charges and was sentenced to three years in a federal penitentiary. He was also issued a 10 year weapons ban and is required to register with the sex offender registry for life.

According to someone close to the case, Hodder is prohibited from contacting any of the victims for life and further is banned from living within 100 meters of any victim for 10 years after release.

Hodder is now serving his sentence at a jail in Southern Ontario.


  1. John, the same thing happened to Donald Trump, sources sources sources and no actual fact. The 92 percent owned Liberal, USA and Canada, should be ashamed or the foolish reporting. Like Trump, or hate, which that same media have been telling people to hate him for five years and counting, that kind or wild reporting is not fair for anyone. Ron

  2. A jail in Southern Ontario or OCI which is a specialized correctional institution for certain offenders, including sexual, that do courses on treatment, addiction, spirituality, they do a deep dive psychologically, and much more?

  3. Innocent until proven guilty if you have the money to pay for the services, if you don’t have thousands of dollars for the lawyer/court fees, you take a plea, like this, and those who read this so-called news get inaccurate information or bits n pieces of information and not the whole thing.

    • Sadly especially with SSM media thats not the case. I personally have had significant damage done to my reputation at the hands of the media in this city, as have more than one of my friends. All unfounded in the end, but the media doesn’t report that, they just enjoyed the field day publishing the charge… When the charge was withdrawn as there was no foundation to it, they still tried to spin it. And sadly in comes “freedom of the press”, cant even go after them for damages… there needs to be some accountability held to the press…

      • I’m sorry to hear that. I, too, know of someone who was falsely charged with a crime and subsequently acquitted. It was a miracle their name wasn’t published or their life would have been forever changed for the worse.

        • Ian
          it’s usually because not reported by a “miracle” because the police are lazy most days and forget or don’t put any real effort in release names certain days or the pick and choose you they would like to publish and scrutinized while the media is not protecting the names or people who haven’t even been convicted and slander there name even though they might be innocent

      • John… you and your friends would have been, and still are, able to reach out to us with any information that may be used to report the outcome of what has been sent to us through law enforcement media releases published, just as someone did with regards to this story. Unfortunately we rarely receive follow-up information with regards to the outcome of police reports and we simply do not have the resources to investigate every one sent to us. For example, charges being dropped for whatever reason with regards to someone who was charged with impaired driving. It is not uncommon for us to receive requests from individuals who have found themselves the topic of a past media release from law enforcement and depending on the nature of the offense(s), we have provided any assistance possible including removing the release from our archives. Please feel free to send an email to [email protected]

        • While that’s great it doesn’t fix the damage done from the initial publications… regardless of the outcome of court rulings when it’s out there it’s out there and people will be the judge, jury and executioner regardless of any subsequent news coverage… this is why advocacy needs to take place to ban publication of charges as they are not tested in court, and only permit the publication of convictions. This is certainly more fault in the police service for releasing information to the media (often i question their motives… they sure do like to publicize some charges yet not others as a friend of mine got charged with the exact same thing as I did… ironically both of our situations were withdrawn, yet his never made it to a media release… so they clearly pick and choose their releases) but that’s where the media can take a stance… always there to “protect the victim” but you can’t forget that sometimes the falsely accused is just as big a victim and the mental health implications of being slammed in the media result in long term trauma… I haven’t gone in public for years now because of the fear and trauma caused by the media…

  4. See now this is what the news should be reporting, not the “charges” that are untested, unproven and often unfounded that destroy people’s good names, but the convictions of the individuals that are found guilty of the offence who’s names should be tarnished.

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