Mayor Provenzano gives insight into private meeting with Trudeau


It is no secret that Prime Minister Trudeau and Mayor Provenzano have a connection. A picture showing Trudeau holding the Mayor’s baby a few years ago proves this.

In that light, while the PM was in town last week, Provenzano was able to get a few minutes with him, away from the cameras.

During our follow-up to council conversation with Provenzano we were able to get some clarification on what he did and didn’t bring up with Trudeau. Knowing he speaks with Sault Police Chief, Hugh Stevenson, frequently, we asked if Bill C-75, the “catch and release” bill was addressed.

“I need to, frankly, get a better, more specific handle on what exactly about the bill needs to be changed,” said Provenzano.  “I’m not going to, as representative of the community, just generally say that something has to happen unless I have a constructive follow up to say, this bill needs to be changed in this way. I need to have that second part. And I don’t have that second part yet.”

He did however raise issues with addictions and mental health in our community.

“I told him we have this overhang and it’s a real challenge, and it’s the opioid epidemic, and it’s affecting a lot of people in the community. I talked about how we’re seeing ancillary effects from that, particularly, you know, criminal effects, and you have the real criminals who are the people that are making and distributing the drugs,” said Provenzano. “But then you have people that are affected by that, which are people that have substance abuse challenges, and that they need better health care. And we needed the other two levels of government to be partners, better partners in that respect, because frankly, we need to improve our healthcare system.”

He also took time to thank the PM and MPP Terry Sheehan for the investment into Algoma Steel and told them “There are things that are moving, they’re really kind of progressive, interesting things happening here, our college is doing well, our university is doing well.”

The full clip from our interview can be seen at the top of this page.

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  1. Catch and release is ridiculous, isn’t it? For the Mayor, a former lawyer, to not take a stand on this is a serious lack of leadership. Also I’m not sure if Trudeau Sheehan etc understand Electric Arc Furnaces. The 400 million would be for votes I’m sure. Trudeau handed billions of dollars to Canadians due to the pandemic, I’d like to call that pandemic something else. Now he will likely get a majority this fall because of all the taxpayer money he throws around. Poor poor Canada. Ron

  2. The city will be much better off when the corrupt mayor is gone. Exactly when is that? People are getting anxious over the ever increasing taxes and nothing to show for it, just more pot hole roads and crumbling infrastructure.

  3. He told trudope he was a strong Liberal and asked for his endorsement to run as a provincial Liberal against Romano. Before all you keyboard cops jump in, I know Trudope is federal but he still carries a lot of weight in the provincial Liberal party

  4. I wonder what they discussed that “The Mayor” didn’t divulge to the press and the people of our city. He’s been known to keep secrets before and probably will this time and in the future. Maybe he applied for a job after his term is done.

  5. The other connection not mentioned is weak leadership.
    Recognizing the mass damage Trudeau has inflicted on Canada, If I were Provenzano, I would be working hard to distance myself publicly from our buffoon prime minister.

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