Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council unveils Youth Art Gala video


Sault Ste. Marie, ON (2021 07 07) – The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) is
pleased to release the 2021 Youth Art Gala production.

As an alternative to an in-person event, the fifth annual MYAC Youth Art Gala is being
released as a video to ensure local youth are provided with a means to showcase their
talents to the community. It features visual art, poetry and a musical performance.

“I encourage people to watch the video. It is a great display of local talent,” said Mayor
Christian Provenzano. “I want to recognize the members of MYAC who worked really hard
behind the scenes to facilitate the production in the midst of ongoing COVID-19
restrictions. It takes a lot of hard work to organize and produce the video, and I encourage
people to support the efforts of MYAC and of the talented artists, writers and performers
by watching the video.”

The video includes:

Visual art:

  • Le-Yu Freya Dai
  • Jay Rector
  • Emma Broadbent
  • Rayna Bertelsen
  • Rowan Gordon
  • Cailey Willett

Poetry: Marijke A.Emma Dobrovnik

Dance: Joel and Jophin Shaju

Music: Lily Masse

“Sault Ste. Marie is home to a lot of gifted youth, and the Youth Art Gala provides an
opportunity for them to share their talents with the community. I want to thank all of the
people that contributed to the video, and I hope everyone enjoys it,” said Emma Marttinen,
MYAC member.


  1. I heard some visiting mariners say “What a dumb, meaningless emblem” And they were 100% spot on.
    They never should have changed the city’s original coat of arms, but it’s very typical of Sault Ste. Marie to make such dumb and bad decisions.

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