New cases of COVID reported this weekend, vaccinated or not?


After multiple readers inquired over the weekend as to whether the three new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Sault area had occurred in residents who were vaccinated or not, we reached out to Algoma Public Health for an answer.

Chief Medical Officer of Health Jennifer Loo provided this response.

“While we cannot speak specifically to the individual cases over the weekend, to protect confidential health information, we can confirm that overall, the vast majority of COVID-19 cases in Algoma residents have been among people who have not yet received any vaccine or are not yet fully immunized,” said Loo. “A person is considered fully immunized 14 days after their second dose of vaccine.”

Since May 1, 83% of COVID deaths and hospitalizations in the province are reported in people who are considered either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated according to provincial statistics.

By the end of this week, the country will have more than 66 million vaccine doses available, meaning we will have finally reached the level that would allow any Canadian who wants the shot, to get both, with no shortage.

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  1. I fear it’s variant Kappa or Delta and Algoma Public Health is doing not service to the population.
    If the people working at APH believe that they did a good job, they better have the pictures packed and double check the drawers making sure you didn’t left anything behind.
    Once the Pandemic is over, we are gonna see a totally different world and a lot of people will pay dearly for their mistakes.
    It is obvious that the people infected were only detected because their health deteriorated, not because they have any concern for the rest of us.
    And it’s a cultural thing.

  2. out of country guests or city folks from Pearson hot spot??? nobody knows cuz of unknown situation. can’t check bank records of where u visit.people lie just saying we can stop this if truthful and stop t.o airport for a cpl weeks

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