New confirmed case of COVID-19 in Sault area


After over two week without a single new confirmed case of COVID-19 in the Algoma District, Algoma Public Health is advising of a single new case from the Sault area.

Case #401 is reported to be self-isolating with the cause of exposure unknown after being tested on July 16, 2021. Unknown exposure means the person did not have recent international travel or close contact with a known confirmed case.  How the person acquired the virus is not known.

You can view the current situation and status of COVID-19 cases in the Algoma District by visiting the Algoma Public Health website.



    • It replicates among animals and rarely mutates to affect humans.
      China destroyed all evidences of case ZERO and mutation can not be traced back.
      A 47 yoa known to me in Toronto, felt flu symptoms, wen to hospital, tested negative and was sent back home.
      Next day he felt worst, went to hospital, tested negative, was recommended to take advil or whatever and stay home.
      Third day he hardly can stand, goes to hospital, tested negative… two hours later another test and he’s Covid positive, two hours later he was dead in the hospital, no one could do anything to keep him alive
      Otherwise healthy person, 47 years of age, working man with family, none shows symptoms of Covid thereafter.
      How he died? Total organ failure.
      Get vaccinated, because our problem at this point is not the virus, but it’s ability to mutate and replicate and it’s gonna kill more people, mostly those with a predisposition either genetical or acquired.
      Don’t let the guard down.

  1. Would be interesting to know if any of the infected was vaccinated.
    Because the vaccine does not immunize against the virus, it just reduce the chances of you landing in a hospital with a ventilator and dying.
    And if you expect the virus to go away, make sure you have a comfortable chair, the virus was here on earth long before humans… and will stay on earth long after human extinction.

    • No, this virus was actually created (enhanced?) in a biological weapons lab in Wuhan, China.
      Not a lot natural about it.
      But you are correct that it will be with us forever.

      • It’s NOT a biological weapons lab. American and WHO officials have been there many times in the past (pre-COVID).

        COVID was brought to that lab when a local got a strange new disease.
        Were they studying a new virus ? yes
        Were they careless and let it escape ? Yes
        Did they try to cover it up ? Absolutely.

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