New Investment in Algoma Steel Inc. Offers Tremendous Benefits


Algoma Steel Inc. has and continues to be an important community and College partner offering significant benefits to our City, economy and past, current and future Sault College students. It has been estimated that close to two thirds of Algoma Steel Inc.’s employees are Sault College graduates and we continue to share a strong symbiotic relationship. The $420 million funding for Algoma Steel Inc. announced recently by Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is an investment that spans well beyond the Algoma Steel organization.

“For many years, Algoma Steel Inc. has supported our College with a focus on guiding our programming, apprenticeship and student training, relevant summer job opportunities for students, hiring of our graduates, and working collaboratively on many exciting projects. This new investment will offer significant employment and co-op opportunities and will positively impact the future our City and our College,” said Dr. Ron Common, President Sault College.

“Algoma and Sault College have a strong history of working together to prepare students and existing employees for new workplace expectations in a modernizing industrial setting. Algoma values employee development as a means to attract and retain the best possible workforce on hand – and will invest in providing training opportunities through Sault College as our partner to ensure our employees are able to better support the modernization of our operations and the evolving needs of customers, and allow employees to develop a fulfilling career,” said Robert Wesley, Vice President of Human Resources, Algoma Steel Inc.

The ongoing relationship between Sault College and Algoma Steel Inc. is fundamental to the success of our programming as they are a key member of many of the College’s Program Advisory Committees helping to ensure that our graduates have the skills they need to be successful in industry. In addition, the College continues to prepare and train our students to begin meaningful careers in various areas of importance to Algoma Steel Inc., most recently adding our new Bachelor of Engineering – Mechatronics degree program that will begin in September 2021 to this list.

In addition to post-secondary and apprenticeship training, Algoma Steel Inc. has supported job-seekers and incumbent workers to increase skills through training programs working in collaboration with Sault College Employment Solutions and Continuing Education departments.

“Algoma Steel Inc. has played a key role in the development of curriculum for a sector focused workforce development pilot program through SkillsAdvance Ontario, in which participants took part in short-term training to address a skills gap in the steel industry.  Working together on programs such as: Canada Ontario Job Grant, Employment Services, as well as the development of micro-credential courses through our Continuing Education department showcases the ongoing commitment of Algoma Steel and Sault College to provide skills and opportunities to those in our community,” said Maggie Catterick, Director, Employment Solutions.

“Sault College looks forward to fostering this strong community partnership and the benefits this new investment will provide to both our community and our students,” added Dr. Common.


  1. the government has done a great job preparing the plant for a lower carbon future, now they have to protect domestic steel interests by preventing chinese steel dumping! there’s no point in a low carbon future if you’re going to allow high polluting foreign interests to undercut our industry!

  2. Let’s see where that Gov’t money goes, and into whose pockets. Then once the money has run out, let’s see how long it will take before the next CCAA filing is scheduled for.

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