Ontario reports 11 new deaths linked to COVID-19, 226 new cases


TORONTO — Ontario is reporting 226 new cases of COVID-19 and 11 more deaths.

That’s the highest daily death toll since July 1, when the province recorded 19 fatalities linked to the virus.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says 62 of the new cases are in Toronto, 35 were in Waterloo Region, and 24 were in Peel.

She says the numbers come from nearly 21,000 tests.

Elliott says the province also administered 83,907 more doses of COVID-19 vaccine today.

The province says 81.32 per cent of adults have at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, and 70.2 per cent are fully vaccinated.



  1. Every country in the world is now reporting that between 80 & 90% of the patients currently hospitalized for Covid are fully vaccinated.. but for some reason our Health Minister Christine Elliott wants us to believe that ‘vaccine failure’ is not an issue in Ontario.

    The ‘vaccine gods’ have decided to give Ontario only ‘the good stuff’ with absolutely no adverse reactions, deaths or debilitating life altering health issues.. they’ve agreed to use the rest of the planet as it’s petri dish & send Ontario nothing but mRNA goodness & rainbows..

    If you watch really close, you can see tiny little blue butter-flies floating playfully around her head as she delivers her daily dose of genocidal bull-shit..

    Pucker-up people, winter is coming & ‘Covid-Barbie’ does not have a magical wand to wave away the flu-season that’s almost upon us.. she certainly will not be able to blame the onslaught of bodies that are about to start piling up in our hospital on the UN-vaccinated or a ‘variant’ that has absolutely no ‘peer-reviewed’ basis in science.

    I hope our so called ‘leaders’ & health-care providers or any-one else who filled their pockets with ‘free-money’ are haunted by each & every soul about to be tortured this fall.. I pray god will ease the suffering of the children we’ve condemned to this experiment, just sayin’.

    Damned them all.. those who might make ‘good-men’ do bad things.

    Strange daze indeed..

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