Pentagon Boulevard Investigation


On July 3, 2021 around 4:00 a.m. officers responded to a dispute in the 0-100 block of Pentagon Boulevard.

Upon arrival, officers found a male victim suffering from serious injuries. He was transported to hospital.

The initial investigation determined the victim was struck in the head with a baseball bat. Officers have identified a suspect and they are currently wanted for aggravated assault in relation to this incident.

In consideration of public safety, the name of the wanted suspect is not being released at this time. There has been substantial social media activity about this incident. This release is being issued, in part, to dispel any false information circulating online. We believe withholding specific information about the wanted suspect is in the best interest of public safety.

We discourage members of the community from confronting people they believe are involved in criminal activity. If you have concerns about criminal activity please contact police; call 911 in cases of emergency and 705-949-6300 for less urgent concerns.

The investigation is ongoing and further information will be released as it becomes available.


  1. Please release the name of this poor lost soul.. the community wants to reach out & help exercise the demons that are obviously trapped inside this tortured individual.

    We want to help them walk a better path.. to make sure this person truly understands the different sound effects that exsist between reality & a bugs-bunny cartoon.. I’m sure we will all sleep a little better & feel a little safer afterwards.

    We are a very tolerant, loving and understanding community.. please let us show this individual how much we really want to love them, just sayin’.

    Release the name & let love do the rest..

  2. “Officers have identified a suspect and they are currently wanted for aggravated assault in relation to this incident.” The foregoing begs the question: Is there one suspect as suggested by the words “a suspect” or are there multiple suspects as suggested by the words “they are currently wanted?” Alternatively, perhaps the writer has some literacy issues and has no understanding of singular versus plural. The question remains are the police looking for an individual or a whole bunch of people. In the interest of public safety, a clarification seems necessary

  3. Wanted for aggravated assault with a weapon and at large but not releasing a name so we can avoid this dangerous person – that’s protecting the public?
    Neighbors on that street have said they regularly see city trucks parked at that house and enter the hoise – so to me it seems more like they’re protecting someone’s name.

  4. It’s not for public safety, but for the persons safety that did the crime. People are getting tired of a no action court system. Catch and release needs to stop or criminals will end up being hurt.

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