Risk of Shoreline Erosion


The Sault Ste. Marie Region Conservation Authority (SSMRCA) is advising that Lake
Superior’s water level is above its long-term averages. Therefore, the risk of shoreline
erosion, lakeshore flooding and coastal damages still remains.

Currently, the Lake Superior level is approximately 183.57 m IGLD85. This level is 8 cm
above average (1918 – 2020), 16 cm below the level of a year ago, and 28 cm below the record-high level at this time in 2019. For additional reference, the SSMRCA shoreline flooding hazard level used for planning and development review is 184.2 m.

Lake Superior’s water level typically rises in July. Depending on the weather and runoff
conditions, Lake Superior may decline slightly or may rise by up to approximately 10 cm.

SSMRCA advises all shoreline property owners to prepare for potential coastal impacts
such as erosion, lakeshore flooding, crawl space and septic system inundation especially during periods of strong winds and high waves.

SSMRCA staff continue to monitor Lake Superior wind conditions and levels closely