Sault Area Hospital explains role in treating 10 victims

An ambulance returns to the accident scene on Highway 17, July 28, 2021 (Dan Gray/

We reached out to Sault Area Hospital to ask multiple questions in regards to todays events hoping to put some of the online speculation to rest. We asked if ORNGE air was involved, what to expect if coming to ER and if blood donations are needed at the hospital.

Brandy Sharp-Young, Communications Manager for Sault Area Hospital was able to tell us they initiated a “Significant Trauma Alert today in response to a serious motor vehicle accident north of the city.”

She also said SAH is working with CritiCall Ontario “to ensure all necessary services are available for patients to receive safe and timely care, transport and access to the health services they need.”

According to CritiCall’s website they are a Ontario government funded organization.

“CritiCall Ontario is a dynamic and progressive healthcare organization dedicated to supporting access to and delivery of urgent and emergent care within Ontario,” says their website. “Funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, CritiCall Ontario provides a variety of services to physicians, hospitals and other healthcare stakeholders with the goal of helping to ensure Ontario patients can access the urgent and emergent care they need as close to home as possible.”

SAH is asking for your patience if you are headed to their hospital and want people to know they do not need blood donations at this time.

Sharp-Young’s full statement is below.

“Sault Area Hospital experienced a significant trauma alert today in response to the serious motor vehicle accident north of the city, receiving ten patients.  As part of the response, we are working with CritiCall Ontario to ensure all necessary services are available for patients to receive safe and timely care, transport and access to the health services they need.
SAH is not accepting blood donations. Our Emergency Department remains open to our community.  We ask for your patience as longer wait times may be experienced. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes to our patients and families.
We thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Stay with SaultOnline as we continue to update this ongoing tragedy.


  1. All this confusion would not have happened if the media presented factual information ONLY with valid, and vetted resources. Nothing should have been published until the hospital or Sault Ste. Marie police service provided a formal release. This is not journalism this is freelancing at its worst what was portrayed on this website today.

    • The issue is not the media that keeps us informed.
      It is the social media full of speculation and false information that everyone runs to instead of waiting for factual news updates!

    • It’s 2021 now John. There is no Walter Kronkite anymore. The problem is people like Jamie Nedeau of Keeping the Soo Safe fame telling everyone that there were 12 fatalities. He didn’t apologize either just deleted his posts without telling people. Hes a complete goof.

    • Maybe you should learn to read but alas it seems reading comprehension isn’t your forte . Do you need me me to explain what forte means Johnny ?

      • Yes John, please explain with forte means. I am clearly someone with an IQ of 45 that needs your wisdom to help me understand such a difficult word in the English language.

        Did you watch the amateur hour video that was posted by SaultOnline, that is the point I am trying to make. Provide factual information not speculation, and it doesn’t need to be posted within the first 30 seconds of the incident, get the facts together and then present the facts. That is all I am saying. And I totally agree the social media pages literally need to get shut down, that’s #fakenews, I am just pointing out that SaultOnline needs to work on credibility if they are going to promote themselves as a legit media source.

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