Sault Based Air Service Begins Operations!


Shaire Inc. today announces the start of commercial air charter operations across Ontario, Canada, and beyond, with the option to “Shaire” flights with other passengers.

Shaire Inc., based in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, is an air charter service, providing ride-sharing options, customized executive and personal air travel services to clients for regional and short trans-border flights.

Setting itself apart from other private air charter companies, passengers can choose to fly alone, or “Shaire” their flight with other passengers, reducing the overall cost of the trip.

Shaire also offers executive class cabin configuration, to any destination, with luxury and convenient private air charter services at a reasonable cost. This is all done without line ups, crowds, and transfers. Shaire flies directly to your destination whether it be regionally or internationally, avoiding the need for time-consuming transfers.

“It’s an exciting time in aviation and we look forward to giving passengers more flexibility than ever.  The air travel landscape has changed with the pandemic and now more than ever, people prefer to travel exclusively with their family or colleagues, with the minimum amount of social interaction in comfort and convenience.,” said Rick Biemann, Co-founder, Shaire Inc. “We’re bringing innovation into the aviation industry by transforming passenger experiences to trips that are specifically customized to each individual and reducing the cost of private flights.”

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  1. Lol. Really. What do you think it costs to fly and maintain an aircraft. $800.00 for a private flight to Toronto is pretty reasonable

    If you want the $150.00 option then hop on Porter with 40 other people

    • At $800 it’s not a private flight. Which is why they have dates and times. Probably 6 or 8 people. Hence the name “Shaire”

      More luxurious than Porter but a much smaller plane so a bumpier ride…. and into Buttonville airport.

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