Sault Ste. Marie one of most dangerous cities in province

Sault Police Services surrounding a home in the west end.

Despite a recent REMAX report which showed Bayview and Downtown West End of Sault Ste. Marie to have some of the most affordable housing prices in Ontario, in terms of buying a home, they didn’t take into account anything that might contribute to keeping the prices low.

According to MacLeans Magazine’s 2021 ratings, Sault Ste. Marie has ranked the 5th most dangerous city in Ontario and 74th in all of Canada.

The ratings are based on the 5-year-average Crime Severity Index, which averages 73 in Canada, 93 in Sault Ste. Marie.

According to Statistics Canada, the Crime Severity Index is a new tool for measuring police-reported crime in Canada that, for the first time, tracks changes in the severity of crime, not just volume.

The report also examines how crime is measured in Canada, as well as recent improvements to statistics generation on crime-related data gathered from the police.

“The idea behind Maclean’s Best Communities ranking is that while there are many intangible things that determine quality of life that can’t be quantified and measured, a lot of tangible things can be,” says the introduction to the report. “In our inaugural edition of the ranking, we gathered data on 415 communities across the country and compared them based on categories we thought would be most important to the average person. Then the pandemic hit, and people’s priorities changed.”

Overall, we are ranked 211th out of 415 communities on the Best Communities in Canada 2021 report. The three biggest attractors are internet access, amenities, and affordability.

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  1. The Sault city council is completely useless the onoy time they do anywork isnear election time. I hadn’t forgetting when they rejected Treudau $ 3 million offer if the city matched that,but refursed saying we didn’t have that, yet around that frame thd council members gave themselves pay raises.

  2. A city that is always on the verge of being broke and doing everything in half measures is already behind the eight ball, but when they have a lousy, arrogant self serving mayor it’s that much worse.

  3. I’d like to see the MacLean’s Magazine article that reported this, but don’t see a link in Dan Gray’s article. Can you please provide it? I’d like to read more about the index, and the other cities that ranked 1-4. Thank you!

  4. We elected a Mayor that reported before the election that it would be his last term. We still elected him and are paying the price.

  5. Paul Singer, we do have a problem in our community. I do think though that embellishing on the issues we do have is not going to make it go away. Get pro-active, you want your voice to be heard? Make it so… That is how to get things done. Keyboard warriors are great if they are helpful, making it out to be worst than it is is not. Just my observation.

    • There are countless articles and reports, often weekly, backing up what Paul Singer is saying – he is most definitely not embellishing, in fact year after year the Soo is deteriorating.
      You suggest he is making his voice heard, and getting a discussion going like this is one of those ways.
      Since you threw down the gauntlet, I suggest you now provide some back up to your claim that he is embellishing. All the data suggests he is not.

    • And what exactly is your solution to the problems we are facing in this city.
      You can forget for a moment the problems that I’ve pointed out and then, go straight to the subject of this article, this is a dangerous city. Period.
      A city where the chief of police and the mayor allow a criminal organization to march by the hundreds in middle of a pandemic when people is advised to stay home, outside gatherings are more or less forbidden … and we are witness of a march of more than hundred members of a criminal organization… isn’t that enough to be a dangerous city.
      Prostitution is rampant in the downtown area, with the epicentre on Albert Street and spreading to Queen St. and Bay St.
      I’ll point that out as it’s an issue that everyone can see day and night, the offer is there and the buyers know it well and so do the neighbours forced to sale their properties at a bargain price.
      The Mayor and councillors paid practically a ransom sume to get rid of a burdel license that was attached to the land, and I agree and support them 100% because I’ve seen the same situation in other city. I think that’s a sign of moral values and when the society needed, they stood up there. But something is not working properly and the Police is not capable of show up with a solution.

      Drugs… what about Jamestown… who provide all the paraphernalia for a woman without training to set camp in a public space and get the addicts marching back and for… syringes, needles, drugs… who provided that… no one answered till now. And those that can demand an answer… not a pip.

  6. Hire more police…but…make them walk the beat. It worked in the good old days. Reopen the closed police help center on Gore Street. Establish a curfew if necessary.

    Help our police force out…HIRE MORE OFFICERS….I for one would have no problems if the city raised my taxes but ONLY if the money goes to our police force….and not spend $350,000.00 on a $60,000.00 piece of property…..just to name one of MANY.
    Just my 2 cents.

  8. When you have the bikers in town celebrating the departure of the old club members and the chief of Police more or less follow them on the bicycle… and the public supports the criminal organization while voicing their discontent with the police…
    When you have a masacre party where people has to bring an axe and a chain saw to be part of the celebration… And the next day they are set free because they have to attend the Methadone Clinic on Queen Street…
    And when the gravy train runs buck and for on Queen Street and everyone milks de system in one way or another…
    When a criminal is caught hot hand and the Judge orders through the phone to set them free… right away… And the next day the same criminal is caught again… and set free with a phone call… again…
    Then you have the mafia of disability and mental health from all over Canada coming to town… free foods, free drugs, free housing..
    This is Soo Paradise!
    And taxpayers can’t even call 911 because they are just one step short of being insulted…
    Cut the gravy train because in two weeks is gonna be worst.
    Toronto is chasing them away and they arriving 24/7 from Manitoba, Alberta, BC and you named…
    Fortunatelly the bridge is close for now.

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