SaultOnline Exclusive – Prime Minister ends visit at local restaurant


After announcing $420 million for Algoma Steel and visiting Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig Centre of Excellence in Anishinaabe Education, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stopped to get a refreshment at a local restaurant.

MP Terry Sheehan and Trudeau visited Big Lake Cabin on Queen Street to meet with donors and community members. The visits most memorable moment was an exchange between a young boy and the PM.

The young boy exclaimed when seeing Trudeau, who sat in a chair across from him, “You’re the Prime Minister.”

The PM, not fazed, responded “last time I checked.”

“Your job is to take good care of the people,” said the boy.

Trudeau took that moment to explain.

“I’ve certainly been working hard, but you know what? I don’t do it alone, this guy helps out big time,” he said to the boy. “Terry is amazingly helpful, he’s your local MP here.”

The boy’s mother explained to him that Terry helps take care of our town, the innocence in the child was clear when he looked at both the PM and Terry and said thank-you.

The PM also stopped to meet with Lidia Richards and her husband, they were the first customers he spoke with.

Lidia explained to him that she had met his father years ago, so she had now met both Trudeau Jr. and Sr..

“It was exciting I guess, it’s nice to meet someone who’s been doing so much for the country, for the city, and he’s a very pleasant man,” Richards told us after her visit.

The PM spent about 20 minutes at the location. In a quick follow-up with one of the owners of the Big Lake Cabin they said he took an iced tea with him back to his motorcade. By the time he left citizens had gathered on the sidewalk to watch him pull away.

He will be flying back to Ottawa today.

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  1. When the far left and far right continue to whine and cry, Trudeau has continued to lead. Trudeau and Sheehan came through for Soo like no other fed gov’t in Canadian history. Kudos. That’s why he has the support of most Saultites, just not the ones on these comment sections.

  2. On the weekend I was speaking with a retired cop from London (Ontario) and we got on the topic of Trudeau. It’s customary for PM’s visits that his security detail reaches out to local police services to ask for extra police security and off duty cops to work ‘pay duty’ security. Normally pay duty is highly sought after. The cop from London told me that the PM’s security detail is actually having trouble finding anyone willing to do pay duty for Trudeau because very few cops want anything to do with him.

  3. The Steel industry does not need tax handouts, they need to stop CHINA dumping their steel into the Western market. Trump was the ONLY one to side with the entire industry on this ALL the other political prostitutes pander and appease the Chinese government and buy your vote with YOUR taxes. Bloody shame and is says more about the voter than the leadership. Sheehan is as useless as they come , Sad, nice guy but a lame duck.

  4. There will be a lot of taxpayer money being distributed as the election draws closer. I cannot find one party leader that I feel comfortable supporting. It is sad we have come to this.

    • I’d learned who not to vote for!
      We trusted a guy with the wallet and the car to get us the vaccines.
      He lost the money, the car and the keys.
      And no vaccine.

    • That’s where he went, down town, Queen Street.
      But someone was careful to keep the undesirables away.
      That means, whomever is in charge of the job, can do it but refuse to do it.

    • If you would like to know who writes it, in this case it’s me. I generally don’t answer or respond to people who comment on stories. In this case you called into question my integrity as a reporter.
      In response to that.

      If you have provided a proper e-mail as part of your response, in the next few minutes you will be receiving a copy of the video where this is the conversation. I did miss adding the part where the PM says he’s a PM who gets rained on.

      I will also, although the quality of the video is not to the standard I like, be adding it to the top of the story, thank you for pointing out this oversight.

      My job and my ethics require me to report accurately. I know you may not be used to a reporter in the Sault who doesn’t have a secondary agenda, but then, maybe you have only started reading what I have written for the past 10 months recently.

      I appreciated the less than constructive criticism and hope by sharing the video with you and the rest of our reading public that, yes, this report is accurate.

      • You did a great job Dan.
        Mr. Trudeau is our Prime Minister and we owe respect to the Prime Minister, aside from how we fell about Mr. Trudeau and living political passion aside, I think you did a very clear job informing us of Mr. Trudeau schedule in town.
        We are privileged. Many big cities in the country will probably never see his face and here, the guy goes and enjoy an icecream with the regular Joes, because no matter what whomever was sitting there for the photo op is just below the regular joe, but hey, they would like their three seconds under the lights and camera flashes. There you have it.
        Thank you Dan for a job well done.

  5. Good to see the funding support however, what are the terms and conditions of the funding. That’s news, NOT this puff piece and photo opp.

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