Strong Minds hosts 4th Annual Run for Change, donates proceeds back into community


Amanda Lambert is not just a registered Health and Exercise Practitioner.  She is a community-minded entrepreneur interested in raising awareness around mental health wellness, the role that exercise and healthy choices can play, and removing barriers.  Viewing regular physical activity as therapeutic, she is the CEO and driving force behind Strong Minds and its annual fundraiser, Run for Change, now in its 4th year.

In speaking with Amanda, she was energized by the community support received and the funds raised, totalling $7,000.  Committed to creating positive change in our community, she spoke to SaultOnline / ONNtv about the Strong Minds’ committee decision to donate the proceeds back to the community.

This year’s totals will now go forward and will send one youth to Rainbow Camp, to enjoy a total package, and additionally through two awards that have been created, will support two students at Sault College, enrolled in the Fitness and Health program.  These financial awards can used to pay for tuition or books.

As the organization has seen growth over the last several years, the formation of a committee was a new and necessary part of their evolution.  As a result, decisions around where to allocate funding will remain transparent and impartial.

Ongoing fundraising will enable Strong Minds to continue to support individuals in our community seeking to create positive changes in their lives.


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