Taxpayers on hook for former campground maintenance

A picture of the Beach at Pointe Des Chenes taken by Veronica White.

Since Council made a decision in February to close  the overnight capacity of Pointe Des Chenes and then further chose not to “deem it excess” in a closed door meeting, a few things have happened.

Firstly, a promise to secure the area with fencing has yet to occur and as such, it’s still easily accessible and second, taxpayers, not the Lions Club, are responsible for maintaining the property.

SaultOnline reached out to the City to ask them what this is costing taxpayers and received a response from Travis Reid, Manager of Parks.

“The City is maintaining the site at Pointe Des Chenes. We had budgeted an extra $14,000 to cover the additional grass cutting/trimming, utilities, litter and garbage pick up at the site,” said Reid. “The Pointe Des Chenes site is secured by way of entrance gates that are opened and closed daily (9am-9pm) by City staff and Security Services in the evening.”

Add to that the $50,000 the closure is estimated to cost organizations in the area, is this going to become another Hudson Street, a purchase without a plan?

Stay with SaultOnline as we continue to follow this and stories coming out of City Hall.


  1. I support the city in operating this beach as a municipal space for everyone. the only people trying to make an issue of this are the ones who lost their cushy seasonal lots that only benefitted a few.

  2. Clean out city hall, all other them. We pay to much taxes now and they are just add even more to people that do not every use this facility. We are all getting burnt time & time again. No wonder our children are moving out of town to other places. This city needs to be affordable for the average person to live in & enjoy. There is not respond it can’t be. Voters beware if we vote in a person that make an average wage & need to take care & watch how they spend their money then that person will run our city the same way, even if they have to learn as they go, just as we did.

    • You wouldn’t get a .00001 of a cent.
      But, it will likely be sold to a ‘friend’ of someone at city hall in the very near future likely for far less than it’s worth.
      Keep it operating and do it properly.

    • It should be fixed right now. It brings in money.
      It’s a great location for a municipality owned campsite.
      The cost was minimal in the grand scheme of things budget wise. The city could stop wasting money on virtue signaling projects that don’t accomplish anything.
      Better than selling it for a song to someone who will make 10 times as much on it for houses.

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