To infinity and Beyond Provincial Step Three of Reopening

An image depicting the three step plan from the Province of Ontario twitter account.

Those of us in the office at SaultOnline (and I’m sure many of our readers), are wondering what happens after the province completes step three of the COVID re-opening plan.

Step One ran approximately 21 days and Step 2, which started June 30, is scheduled to run until July 21.

At that time, the Province is going to move into Step 3. If we follow the same timeline, Step 3 would be over on or around August 11, 2021. Some have pointed out that Ontario is behind other provinces on reopening and has already met the targets required to move into the third phase.

We reached out to MPP Ross Romano’s office with regards to this query, and were provided a statement made by Minister of Health, Christine Elliott, this morning, in response to this exact question.

Q (Randy Rath, CHCH TV): Yeah, hi Minister. I’m wondering what happens after Stage Three. Is there a Stage Four? You know, what will need to be seen, and when do you predict that we will be able to just go about our business without any restrictions?

Minister Elliott: Well, thanks for the question, Randy. Dr. Moore, our new Chief Medical Officer of Health, has indicated that there are only three steps and we are in Step Two right now. We hope to be able to move into Step Three in due course, watching very carefully for the Delta variant. But when we are finished the three steps, then things will open back up again, and so that’s what I think we’re all working for. And that’s why we need to do this very cautiously and carefully.

There is no timeframe provided in the answer as to when exactly we will open back up again and what that really means.

It might even mean going back to a pre-COVID normal.

Stay with SaultOnline as we continue to cover the ongoing COVID situation in our community.


  1. Hey Tom did you watch the hockey game last night, stands were pretty full in Tampa weren’t they? Did you notice the stands in Montreal, in contrast!!! No need to say more!!!!!

  2. the government has made us prisoners in our own province. Totalitarian dictatorship by a premier and his party. Most aggressive lockdown in the whole world and people take it in stride. Wars have been fought over freedom

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