Update on annual City Beautification Awards


The volunteer City Beautification Committee has made the difficult decision to cancel the annual Awards program once again this year.

“We know the City Beautification awards are something that many of us work hard for and look forward to. A decision to proceed with the awards must be made in April as garden centres and green houses prepare to open. With the evolving COVID situation it became difficult to predict where we would be at this time and if judges would be permitted to visit each property,” says Richard Walker, Volunteer City Beautification Coordinator. “As a volunteer committee, it was challenging for us to manage the program this year given the earlier restrictions on garden centres limiting capacity, physical distancing and health and safety measures. Having multiple judges in people’s yards and gardens and hosting judges meetings, passing out ballots and assignments posed logistic problems for our committee. Although disheartening, we look forward to celebrating the achievements of our local gardeners in 2022.”

The City Beautification Committee thanks its local sponsors and contributors for their continued support in working diligently to make their properties and our City an attractive place to live.  For more information, contact City Beautification Coordinator Richard Walker at 705-946-4790 or email [email protected]


  1. Soooo, the properties can easily be viewed at appropriate distance. Discussions can be done online or conference call, or even in person at distance, the award can be given at distance.
    Makes no sense to cancel this.
    Then again, if we’re looking for any sense or logic throughout this pandemic then we’ll be looking for a long time.

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