Vandal Hit Downtown Flower Boxes (Caught on Camera)


Several large flower boxes that line Queen Street in the downtown area were vandalized overnight.

Video posted to Facebook, show numerous large flower boxes tipped over with flowers and dirt thrown around the sidewalks in front of many businesses.

In an exclusive surveillance video obtained by ONNtv /, shows a person pushing over the flower boxes and yelling profanities.

Salvatore Marchese, manager of the Downtown Association told that he was disappointed when he was informed of the vandalism. ” It appears the flower boxes were tipped over from Bruce st east to at least the downtown association offices”

Marchese said the flower boxes are maintained by the City and also pay for the flowers.  “They were putting them back up this morning, many of the flowers are missing”

Police have been informed of the vandalism.

A video posted by Facebook user, Emiily Ann shows a drive by and the aftermath. The video recording of the person was time stamped at 1:40am

The Downtown area is monitored by a mobile security crew said Marchese who informed Police last night.


  1. “The Downtown area is monitored by a mobile security crew said Marchese who informed Police last night.” Really? Seriously” From Bruce Street to the Downtown offices took awhile. Where was the mobile security crew?

  2. A city where the Chief of Police believes he can have an opinion on public health while the bikers, a criminal organization, is allowed to march in town, up and down, left to right in numbers well above hundred… I think he should watch himself in the mirror.
    The chief of Police is working for the statistics and that’s no policing, that’s PR.
    I’m almost certain that I know who the vandal is or at least I have a suspicion and the trained policeman in town know it as well. He’s not new to this activity and he keeps doing the same thing all over again because there is not penalty, go back to the videos of the Night of the Broken Windows and you’ll have the same people doing the same thing in the same area.
    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, neither carry an uniform or being paid an outrageous salary to put 2 and 2 together.
    Then, why is not the Mayor, the councillors, the Chief of Police and the medical officer for Algoma having a meeting with the office of the Attorney General and ask the questions that the society is asking?
    We are supporting the assistance for those in need with our taxes and I’m glad we can afford that, but we must demand something in exchange, at least the commitment to be a better person and we must obtain the involvement of all parts with interest in the situation, because someone is not doing the right thing at the right time.
    The mayor is a man of the field with training and experience within the judiciary and we, as a community are witnessing how he’s writing his legacy.
    Because the damage inflicted to this town will not be deleted with the building of a new plaza or a couple trees with coloured lights.
    What you see in the videos is a whole day and night in the down town.
    My duty as a citizen, as a business owner, as a neighbour affected for this vandalism is paying the taxes and is not telling the professionals how to do their job, but I believe there is a better way to do things.

  3. I was just noticing yesterday how great the flowers were on Queen Street…they are very impressive and add to the area. How sad that someone has nothing better to do than spoil a beautiful flower setup.

  4. This is why we can’t have nice things. The scourge of this city are out to ruin it for everyone. Yet all I hear is how the city isn’t doing anything to solve the problem. Well, I guess not with having to pay for the damage and destruction done by these lowest of low-lifes. I hope the bitch gave herself a hernia pushing those over. Did you make your mama proud doing that?

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