Vax certificates may allow faster reopening, help plan for resurgence: science table


Ontario’s science advisors say a proof-of-vaccination system would allow high-risk settings to reopen sooner with greater capacity.

The group says COVID-19 vaccine certificates would set up infrastructure to guide the reintroduction of public health measures if cases spike in the future.

Premier Doug Ford has said he won’t introduce a proof-of-vaccination system.

A recent science table brief differentiates between vaccine passports, which relate to travel, and vaccine certificates, an official document attesting someone has completed a vaccination series.

It says the certificates have been used in some jurisdictions to incentivize vaccination and in the long-term, would serve as a secure record of immunization.

The group cautions that privacy and equity concerns will need to be considered before a certificate system is implemented.



  1. The Emergency Measures act was revoked on June there is no basis for businesses to be closed & no-business for ne-business to be demanding a ‘Vaccine Certificate’.

    Enough is enough.. stop demonizing those who do not wish to be part of your medical experiment.

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  2. Do those Canadians who are unvaccinated have to wear a yellow star for quick & easy identificatiom?

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