705 Sports, CFL Week 4 Preview, Jays Update, Local Soccer and much more!


Welcome back to another episode of 705 Sports! Dan Gray joins me once again to break down everything that has been going on this week in the world of sports. As always, we start our show off with a weekly poll question and the question is, Would you go to a Hounds game with current restrictions?

As we dive deeper into the first segment, we continue with our CFL coverage and break down this past week. Week 3 had a lot of twists and turns including some wins that no one saw coming. We wrap up the first segment with all your MLB updates. We break down the Blue Jay’s chances of making the playoffs, plus something odd that could become a new trend in Major League Baseball.

For the second segment, I got the chance to speak with 3 members of the NHSC. Registration opened earlier this week for the soccer club and during this interview, I was able to find out everything you will need to know for the upcoming season. We also spoke about plans for the future,  plus there is a big announcement from the club.

In the third and final segment, Dan and I break down your 4th week of this young CFL season. We discuss teams that really need to find their game plus the games that we are most excited to watch. To wrap up the show, we give our thoughts on how the CFL season has gone so far and what teams are doing to get these much needed early wins.

Thanks again for tuning in and trusting SaultOnline and ONN TV for all your local, national, and international sports updates.