Beloved Harley which was stolen has been recovered

"Sparkles" has been recovered after multiple people were searching for her - Trevor Bryant

If anyone knows Trevor Bryant, you’ll know he loves his motorcycles. Specifically he loves “Sparkles” his 2011 Harley Dyna Wide Glide motorcycle.

Bryant woke up Tuesday morning to find his bike has been taken from his yard sometime the night before. He called Police and filed a report, he then took to Facebook to inform the public of his loss and the search was on.

SaultOnline has learned from Bryant, the bike has been recovered, it was located behind Reggie’s under a tarp earlier today by a member of the public.

Bryant tells us outside of missing a license plate, it’s in good condition without any real damage.

“Many people have let me know they are actively looking,” said Bryant. “I want to thank them for their help, they can rest now. I am amazed at how people will come together in a time like this.”

If you see the license plate 3J2J7 on a vehicle, you are encouraged to report it to the proper authorities.

When speaking with SaultOnline, Bryant said the theftwas one of the first Harley thefts he had heard of in the area in the past 40 years. He says it’s an unwritten rule among riders you just don’t steal Harley’s.

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