Conservative Sonny Spina Jumps Ahead In Sault Riding Projection


Sault Ste. Marie Liberal MP Terry Sheehan has lost his lead in the riding according to the latest projections from  

A new poll / projection issued Wednesday shows Spina jumping ahead – a major move considering the Conservatives were in third place just last week.

The drop in support for the Liberals has been nation-wide in the second week of the five week campaign with voters heading to the polls on September 20th.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the election in hopes of forming a majority government stating it was difficult to pass legislation  with the current minority government status.

Liberals were strong at the beginning of the campaign with a majority almost certain as the Liberals had a firm lead. That lead has dwindled away over the last week.

Sonny Spina who is attempting to take the seat for a second time now sits at 31.7 % with Liberal Terry Sheehan slipping to 31.5% . NDP new comer, Marie Morin-Strom was comfortably in a tight second place position has now slipped to third with 29.7 % now projects a 40% odds of winning for the Conservatives while Liberals have dropped to 38% locally.


  1. After the liberal discrimination of seniors 65 to 75 no 500$ no 10% increase in o.a.s and when Sheehan replied that seniors 75 and over need the money , right and now the new senior age is 75 lost my vote

  2. They’re all liars and con men, that’s the nature of being a politician. All you can do is to vote for the lesser of the two evils because none of them are straight up.

  3. This is just scary! I posed a question to him, and not only did he delete the post, he failed to respond to my direct inquiry. I can assure you he doesn’t have my vote! N1 will be really happy if he gets in though as they have benefited a lot from government grants, so Im sure he will be supporting them even more given he is employed there… conflict of interest much, yep!

    • lol you should see how many times that’s happened on Sheehan’s facebook & instagram.
      I’ve asked straightforward questions many times and they’ve either been deleted or ignored.
      Were you aware that Sheehan voted against a bill to remove conflicts of interest for MPs?
      Better check out his voting record, I’m very disappointed.

    • You expect anything better from a politician of any party ? Remember the liberal policies and what they’ve done to the deficit and being taxed to death in future years to repay all this free money ? Don’t vote for a party because your feelings were hurt by another party’s candidate!

      • I’m voting against Liberals because of Trudeau’s MANY violations and how many times he’s spat in Canadians faces. How many vacation days he’s taken while Canadians lost their jobs, houses & futures. How he refused to close the borders causing covid cases to swell and kill Canadians.
        I’m voting against Sheehan because he voted against bills that could help crime in Sault Ste Marie. Sheehan voted against bills that would reduce the burden of cost on Canadian farmers and reduce food prices for us.
        Sheehan and Trudeau have proven they don’t care about Canadians – even without covid Canada is a far worse place now specifically because of Trudeau’s Liberal party. Time for them to move out.

  4. The Liberals are paying the price for all their blunders and for calling an election during a pandemic. It continues to backfire for them and many feel we just need a change from Justin Trudeau.

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