Conservatives Tighten The Gap in the Sault Riding


Following a national trend, the Liberals have lost ground in the latest polls and the Sault Ste. Marie riding is no different.

According to data complied by , Conservative candidate Sonny Spina has jumped to a second place position bumping NDP candidate Marie Morin-Strom to third.

In a projection published August 24th, Liberal MP Incumbent, Terry Sheehan sits at 32.4%  followed closely by Spina with 30.6%.  Morin-Strom (NDP) falls to 30%.

Local PPC candidate  Kasper Makowski also saw a small gain now sitting at 4.4%. The Green Party is not running a candidate in the riding.

Nationally, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has squandered a 5 point lead since the beginning of the campaign. Liberals still lead in the polls with 33.3% , Conservatives now sit at 30,8% and NDP with 20.1%

Canadians head to the polls on September 20th.




  1. Sorry Ann, but you telling people not to vote liberal, NDP or green is not democracy and only leaves one party really, which is how Communist countries usually vote. China, Russia, Cuba all have the one party voting system and all Communist, Trudeau has had almost 6 years to make us Communist and yet we are far from it so go to Facebook and do some “research” first and then come back and tell me who to vote for again. Thanks.

  2. I guess people are waking up from this dystopian nightmare, turdeaus bill c-75, catch and release bill does us no good but for the violent criminals it’s great for them,,,,, bill c-10, and bill c-35, takes away any voice we have..we wont be able to have an opinion online without fines and jail time!!! The real reason for turdeaus election is to stop the court battle over the papers for the two Chinese workers fired in the lab out west that the speaker of the house requested!! The lieberals are getting desperate now by manipulating videos on Twitter that they got caught on!!! Turdeau is the most divisive PM Canada has ever had, he is the one creating division in this country…….yes turdeau we are still a “country” contrary to your belief, creating a division between unvaxxed and nonvaxxed is not warranted as both can get and spread covid!!! I know that cpp is liberal-lite but anything is better than what we have now…….a journalist as finance minister… interior decorator as health minister….omg!!! That’s my rant… thank you!!!!

  3. I always recommend reviewing the current local MP’s voting record.
    For example – here in Sault Ste Marie crime is growing significantly with a growing rate of firearms violence. The current government created what is euphemistically referred to as “revolving door” justice. I.e. a violent offender is arrested in the morning, released and then arrested again that same evening to be released again by morning. Offenders are serving very short sentences only to re-offend. A bill was introduced to increase sentences for smuggling guns into Canada – being a border town this is important.
    Unfortunately our local MP voted against it.
    Bill C-208 would improve family farm sustainability – local MP voted against. (Results in higher food costs)
    Bill C-208 – climate change goals accountability – local MP voted against.
    Maloney Report – to reduce conflict of interests in parliament – local MP voted against.
    Bill C-206 – reducing cost burden of fuels for farmers – local MP voted against. (Results in higher food costs)
    Etc etc.
    Vote well, be informed.Vote Spina

  4. Please oh please lets elect an adult this time, as for our 2 main industries i do not understand seeing liberal signs on employees lawn……….the liberals want to cripple these industries. get out and vote……..our vote is really the only free choise we have anymore.

    while we were locked in our homes, unable to work, missing mortgage & rent payments, some losing their businesses and homes – how hard was Trudeau working?
    Justin Trudeau took:
    2019 – 91 personal days off work, or missed 25% of the time he should have been working.
    About 3 months of vacation time in just 1 year.
    2020 – 48 personal days off work, or missed 21% of the time he should have been working.
    So he basically booked the equivalent of a long weekend every week throughout the pandemic while he SHOULD have been working harder and longer.

  6. Trudeau has had plenty of time to work a deal to get the 2 MICHAELS back to Canada. He cannot work the world stage. His “look at me” idea is off-putting to many. He has to go.

  7. I have voted in a number of elections, and I always base my decision on the same thing regardless of what party they belong to, I always choose the candidate with the nicest hair doo.

  8. Folks, trudeau has recklessly called this $610 Million taxpayer funded election for 1 reason only – 1 reason; trudeau thought he would get us to hand him a majority !!! I think, and many will agree, that trudeau misdiagnosed all of us, the electorate. trudeau desperately needs a majority so he can shove all of his ethical & criminal like behavior that he somehow has gotten away with, so far, under the rug. Seriously folks, trudeau’s arrogance, incompetence & outright self righteousness will finally do him in & wow …., does it not look good on him !!! We must get out the vote; we must focus on 1 candidate who can best oust the liberal incumbent. We must listen to each candidate; their platform & vote for the 1 that inspires you the most. I know who I’m voting for; I think many of you will join me on Sept. 20. With the liberal debt, backed by the ndp party approaching $2 Trillion dollars, do we even have a choice ??? Good luck to all of us !!!!

  9. Trudeau has not taken the Covid-19 issue in taking in 20,000 Afghanistan refugees. Here are the numbers for Afghanistan:
    Afghanistan Covid-19 Numbers

    Afghanistan Covid-19 Numbers According to WHO

    77 – new cases
    152,660 – confirmed cases
    7,083 – deaths
    1,201,286 – vaccine doses administered

    152,660 – confirmed cases
    7,083 – deaths
    1,201,286 – vaccine doses administered.

  10. The Fiberals have screwed up far too much, they had their chance now it’s someone else’s turn for a while. We won’t miss them at all. Finally Mr. Dressup and his merry band of misfits will be history.

    • I totally agree with Will. All voters must use Common Sense before they ever, God Forbid, vote Liberal, NDP, or Green. Liberals have been a total disaster and this Unethical, Corrupt Party has been destroying our country and turning it into Trudeau’s favourite country – Communist China. The Corrupt NDP have been propping up Trudeau in every which way. NEVER TRUST THE LIBERALS, NDP OR GREENS! The Greens are another disaster. They are imagining a make believe world and taking down our Oil and Gas, most clean and ethical in all the world. Windmills will not fix their make believe problems.The Liberal, NDP and Green Parties want to remake our Once Wonderful and Free Canada into a Tyrannical, Communist Country with King Dictator Trudeau at the helm! GOD FORBID!

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