Cornerstone Downtown Restaurant Closes?


For many years, if you were downtown, shopping or, meeting friends, chances are you stopped in to Muio’s restaurant for a quick bite.  The well known eating establishment has been serving up its famous broasted chicken and steak dinners in Sault Ste. Marie since 1961.

Today, news is breaking that the restaurant has closed its doors. continues to work on confirmation of the closing.

Sources tell us that staff were recently informed of the closure and now, when calling the number that has been the same for so long, a pre-recorded message informs that the phone line to the restaurant has been disconnected.

The owner, Rob DiRenzo, posted a message on Facebook on July 22 explaining that the restaurant will be temporary closed, “Thank you everyone for your concern and kind words. We are temporarily closed, but will be re opening soon.. My staff has been absolutely amazing and they are ready to get back at it..and knowing them it will be sooner than later.”

However has learned the closure is may be permanent, according to staff who told sources that DiRenzo has not been seen at the restaurant for a long time.

Attempts to contact the owner for comment have been unsuccessful.

The restaurant was started by brothers, Pat and Carmen Muio. After a few years, some partners were added to the mix, one being Rocco DiRenzo.

Rocco DiRenzo took over the business in the 1980’s with his wife Linda. Youngest son, Robert took over the business in 1997.




  1. Reader caution: Passing this story on or believing it could be embarrassing to you. Another outlet calling itself media says, “Rumours and hearsay suggesting that Muio’s Restaurant has permanently shut its doors are just not true, according to the owner of one of the most beloved eateries in Sault Ste. Marie.”

  2. I had the opportunity to work for the Muio family back in the summer 1966. That was to say the least, a real experience, especially with Mrs. Muio. Very sad to hear that Muio’s might be closing. Hope it’s not true. Another legendary fixture in our downtown core that will become a part of our past.

  3. I am hoping big time that the owner is able to change his mind as I know he will fill this restaurant fast & often. I hope there is some help for him some where. Unless he is just retiring & if that is the case sell it to his staff but I know that almost everyone in the Sault loves this restaurant & would like to see it reopen.

    Best of luck

  4. Very sad and upset to learn of the closing of this popular and awesome restaurant.I have been frequenting this place since it’s opening. This was our hangout on weekends when I was a teenager and has been my go to for Sunday brunch and during the week for lunch or dinner(pre pandemic). Delicious and very reasonable prices, awesome blueberry pie, broasted chicken etc. Excellent staff and owner. Very sorry Rob and staff to see this restaurant closing after all of the years of hard work , dedication and sacrifice. Best wishes

  5. This makes me very sad. We always brought our young family there for dinner. The food was great, along with the prices, and everyone was so friendly. The owner and/or his wife always came over to say hello and asked if we were satisfied with our meal.
    As we got older we still frequented Muio’s and continued to enjoy it.
    Thank you owners and staff for serving our community over these many years. We will miss this Sault Ste. Marie icon.

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