Critter causes section of city to descend into darkness

The power was out for almost an hour along Great Northern Road, August 31, 2021 (Dan Gray/

For about an hour this evening, if you wanted McDonalds, Timmy’s, Indian Food or much else in that section of Great Northern Road, you were out of luck.

The power disruption made driving in the area reminiscent of travelling back country roads, as drivers had difficulty navigating driveways at times.

A reader reached out to SaultOnline around 9 p.m. with reports of what happened.

“Raccoon was playing on a utility pole behind staples and it blew up,” said Tate Trottier.

There is no status available on the condition of the raccoon after it’s interaction with thousands of volts of power.

The traffic lights still worked, but multiple businesses and at least one motel were out of power for about 45 minutes.

We watched as PUC turned the power back on to the area around 9:45 p.m..

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  1. I was driving east on Second Line by Sackville and saw the explosion. There was a red flash and a white poof coming from the Staples area. Pretty sure the raccoon didn’t make it.

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