Cross-Country cyclist coming to Fergus to raise money for Cancer

Trek for hope - Facebook

It’s not often I can write about something happening in my hometown, this is an exception.

After having a bike stolen and recovered here in my new home of Sault Ste. Marie, the man cycling across a large chunk of Canada will be in Fergus, tonight.

Steve and his wife Marie left Vancouver in June on a journey which has taken them across the country by bicycle.

“Steve was diagnosed last April with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. He had liver surgery in July of last year. Chemo treatments started after that and spanned eight months. Given how rare cholangiocarcinoma is (13 people a year, across Canada, are diagnosed with his type of cancer), when he was diagnosed he wanted to do something to address the lack of information for this type of cancer.

Trek for hope – Facebook

So, he came up with the idea that he was going to cycle across Canada, with me following, to raise funds for research as well as to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The plan was to leave in June and cycle from Montreal to Vancouver. But because of COVID, we needed to modify some things. So, instead of cycling from Montreal to Vancouver he will be cycling from Vancouver to Montreal.”

Just before their departure date, Steve was given news the cancer had spread to his bones but that didn’t stop him from leaving the west coast in June.

They are making the trek down Highway 6 and staying in a large parking lot on the north end of my hometown this evening.

They love to tell their story and look forward to meeting anyone who wants to come out and learn about what they are doing. You can’t miss them as they are in a big motorhome with bike racks on the back and leaves representing donations received on the side.

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