Election Call Shows that Trudeau is Out of Touch with Canadians


Justin Trudeau is out of touch with Canadians, according to Marie Morin-Strom, the NDP candidate for Sault Ste. Marie.

“At a crucial moment when everyday people are still dealing with fallout from the pandemic and facing the onset of an apparent fourth wave, Justin Trudeau has called an unnecessary election,” said Morin-Strom. “Just when Canadians most need their government to be working on their behalf, the Liberals have shown their true colours and shifted their attention away from the needs of everyday people to focus instead on their own political fortunes.”

Trudeau has said that an election is necessary because Parliament isn’t working, but that argument doesn’t hold water, says Morin-Strom.

“When Justin Trudeau and Terry Sheehan say they don’t like how Parliament is working, what they really mean is that they don’t like being held to account for their actions or inactions,” said Morin-Strom. “When the Liberals wanted to cheap out on CERB, it was Jagmeet Singh and the NDP who stood up for Canadians and ensured that working families would receive $2000 a month.”

“Parliament is working as it should be,” continued Morin-Strom, “but what isn’t working is Liberal government policy. The gap between everyday Canadians and the very wealthy has only grown larger, and after six years under the Liberals it’s even harder for many Canadians to find good jobs, make ends meet, and afford a home.”

Morin-Strom also pointed out that there has been no meaningful action on climate change, and that neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have realistic national strategies for mental health, addictions, or pharmacare.

“Sault Ste Marie is at a crossroad. We can continue down a tired path of inaction and broken promises, or we can move beyond the past six years and choose real action,” concluded Morin-Strom.

Marie Morin-Strom is the NDP candidate in the federal riding of Sault Ste. Marie. An educator and long-time Sault Ste. Marie resident with a strong history of labour activism, Marie is determined to help ensure that all Canadian families have equal access to services that allow them to thrive. She is ready to head to Ottawa to fight for action on worker’s rights, affordability, health care, and the climate emergency.


  1. Is it time for an election?
    Morin-Strom said, “Justin Trudeau has called an unnecessary election” and Kasper Makowski calls The PPC party “Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada.”
    If there is any time for an election, it is now. If it’s not time for Canada, it is certainly time for Sault Ste. Marie. Crime, homelessness, lack of good paying jobs, Real-estate that no average Saultite can afford and rent that is so sky high that people have to go to social assistance to be able to pay it. Morin-Strom, is it time for an election? Maybe not for you but certainly for the rest of us.
    Kasper Makowski is quoted as saying, “I am very proud to be selected by the PPC association to represent Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada.” Is it Maxime Bernier’s party or the party of the people. The only reason that he formed this “NEW’ party is because he was rejected as the PC party or because he didn’t believe in their views any longer? This, I think proves that he is self motivated and not concerned about the people of Canada, and maybe just Quebec.
    I also remind you of the following fact, from FP INSIDER ACCESS: “He had left a confidential briefing book of NATO documents at his girlfriend’s house—a girlfriend, it emerged, who had a history with a criminal biker gang and had herself been surveilled by federal police as part of a drug investigation. He was summarily fired as foreign minister.”

  2. Typical NDP candidate. ALWAYS go against what the party in power ever proposes. Criticize the Liberals and then offer no solutions…just whine and complain. It was her party that kept the Liberals in power this long.

  3. You think he’s out of touch? Maybe, but let’s look at it realistically: Trudeau is calling the election NOW for a very specific purpose. As another commenter has pointed out; We’re still riding out the pandemic, and he’s hoping to capitalize on the billions of dollars that he’s handed out to the majority of Canadians throughout it.

    Why he’s doing that? Well it would be purely speculation on my part when I say that there’s going to be a very steep toll to be paid by Canadians for the pandemic, and Trudeau would like to have a full four years within which to ensure that occurs.

    As far as Trudeau being a king? Well, I think that it’s more a reflection of the rules of our system of government, and allowing our politicians to sit for an indefinite period of terms, so long as they maintain the electoral votes to do so.

    Personally, I prefer the two term limit that America has legislated.

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