For Sale: Landmark Restaurant Location!


Further to an original story published by on August 5th an attempt to discredit the story by another media site the next day, has learned  that Muio’s Restaurant is now permanently closed and up for sale. broke the story that the long running and popular downtown restaurant had closed its doors, albeit, temporarily.  At the time had learned from various sources close to the situation, that the closure was believed to be permanent.

Owner, Rob DiRenzo did not return our calls however another media outlet reported that the story was “FALSE” In that story, DiRenzo did not deny or say if the restaurant was actually closed or not.

Today, has learned the building has been put up for sale.

The restaurant remains closed and has been shut down since mid-July of this year.

Staff that have worked at Muio’s have been offered positions at another local restaurant. The phone number for Muio’s has been disconnected.

On July 22, DiRenzo posted this message on the restaurant’s facebook page.

“Thank you everyone for your concern and kind words. We are temporarily closed, but will be re opening soon.. My staff has been absolutely amazing and they are ready to get back at it..and knowing them it will be sooner than later.”

The site has not been updated since.

The restaurant was started by brothers, Pat and Carmen Muio. After a few years, some partners were added to the mix, one being Rocco DiRenzo.

Rocco DiRenzo took over the business in the 1980’s with his wife Linda. Youngest son, Robert took over the business in 1997.

At the moment there’s only speculation of what will become of the landmark location. Muio’s was an anchor to the downtown area since opening.

The business and restaurant could re-open under new ownership. The building could become home to a new business venture or a new restaurant with a new name or perhaps the same name.

At the time of publication, the price tag of the building is not known.


  1. From my understanding this has nothing to do with a dying downtown or the mayor or anything else except the family due to personal reasons have decided to retire and sell. There is no blame to be had. But I certainly hope that someone will purchase and keep it going. I know the lack of the hockey season hurt…specially since they did most the food on game day for both home and visiting teams. It’s an awesome location was always busy and had good food for a good price. With Mr Minellis passing away and Muios closing two of my favorite places gone.

  2. This is very sad indeed. I hope the people that take this over with run it the same way with reasonably priced meals & if they do I am sure that all the died hard customers with return on a regular bases as prices & the quality that Muio’s has had for all these years is related to a good & very fair run business. Most businesses are ripping people off these days, I hear it all the time & I do not go to these businesses. Thanks & good luck to the new owners. All the best.

    • People have a bad habit of holding on to really old gift cards for years and then thoughtlessly using them now, at a time when small businesses are hurting.

  3. It’s a shame that we are losing another local family resturant, service was always great, they took exceptional care of my wife, knowing that she was ill, they would cut up her dinner before it was served, and assisted her always, the staff were very kind, god bless you all it’s a shame i can’t personally thank you.

  4. Sad news. Thank you to Muio’s management and staff for all the excellent, and reasonably priced meals throughout the years. Hopefully someone will make a go of reopening the place, but during these unpredictable pandemic times, it is indeed a lot to expect.

  5. Oh no there goes my fav homemade pasta in town!

    I cringed when I saw the article on the other site! LOLZ It was so obvious and so petty. Just because you guys actually look for news happening around town, they jump on some spin from the owner, (and obvious spin at that), and post an unprofessional ‘news’ story in response, to try and discredit THIS news site?? Why? How about using all that staff they have to put an ounce of research in? Sad. It really turned me off.
    Cringe factor = embarrassing!
    Dan posts more local and important news on here single-handedly, than that entire ‘news’ organization does!

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