Four Tornadoes Hit Algoma District on August 11

Ashley Irwin

The Northern Tornado Project out of Western University confirmed with / ONNtv that four tornadoes touched down in the afternoon hours of August 11.

Investigators from Western University say that one EF1 and Three EF2 tornadoes tore through the eastern portion of the Algoma district.

No conclusive determination whether a twister actually hit the ground on St. Joseph Island.

The first tornado touched down at 4:30pm in Dunn’s valley. Classified as an EF2 with a maximum speed of 190 km/h.  Trees were downed and a path of destruction of 9.9 km.

At 4:35 an EF1 tornado was confirmed in the area of Urqhart Lake. Maximum speed recorded was 170 km/h. It traveled for 9.2 km

At 4:45 pm another twister was confirmed near Kynooch, Ontario north of Iron Bridge. The Northern Tornado Project classified that twister as an EF1  The tornado hit a heavily treed area.

Just north of Kynooch another EF1 tornado hit the Blinko Lake at area at 4:50pm with maximum speeds of 190 km/h.  That one lasted for almost 4km.

No injuries were reported during the tornado outbreak.

Environment Canada issued a severe thunderstorm warning at around 4pm August 11.

Sault Ste. Marie saw heavy thunder and lightening along with torrential rains for about 20 minutes before the active weather tracked east into the St. Joseph Island area.

Photos and video submitted to / ONNtv showed a funnel cloud on the Huron Line on St. Joseph Island. Residents on the island reported downed trees and outdoor furniture was thrown about. No structural damage was reported to buildings.




  1. Our power line pole and mail box were snapped off at the ground. And lots of our trees and orchard were pulled out by root balls. Our shingles from house and outer building were tore off, plywood sheeting plus the tin, flew off another building’s roof, and found in our fields. Mini chicken coop was flattened. We live next door, to the badly damaged sugar bush, on P Line, as well. A drive by would still show the road side damage and path the tornado took, and the bush damage was much worse.

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