Kayakers return from “World Class Trip” (Photos and Gallery)


Almost two weeks ago we brought you the story of Rob and Peter Greve, a father-son duo who was venturing out to cover 300 km’s of Lake Superior to raise money for a local foundation.

We have followed their journey as Peter made almost daily updates and through these we were able to be on shore when the journey came to an end Saturday afternoon.

Some Beach, Somewhere – Courtesy Peter Greve Facebook

“I learned a lot talking to people along the way. I thought that was one of the most valuable things. When you’re travelling in a place you observe things and you notice things that I’m sure I will process more, like being able to talk with people,” said Peter after getting out of the kayak. “I learned their perspectives about the lake. And it was a diversity of perspectives and it was really valuable to learn about all that stuff as I went along.”

In taking time to reflect, he wrote a beautiful piece on this experience on his Facebook page we’ve taken a few excerpts.

“We made it to the Michipicoten River! Paddling from Sault Ste. Marie to Wawa is a world class journey that features some great conservation areas, beautiful scenery, and friendly people. Connecting the places I know and love on the Lake is something I’ll always cherish, but it was extra special that I got to share the experience with others. Paddling with my Dad was an experience we will always share together,” said Peter.

“Thank you to everyone who donated, followed along, shared, and helped promote a healthier Lake Superior.”

He even had a few tips for people who may consider a journey like this in the future.  Here are just a few.

Small Fires = Cozy Fires – Courtesy Peter Greve Facebook


  • Small fires can be cozier than large ones. They also go out quicker! You feed the fire more, but you are only left with ashes on the beach as everything burns completely. Although small, they are still mighty warm.
  • There are multiple uses for all of your gear. Sliding my PFD under my thermarest was a game changer for elevating my head while I slept. 
  • The best time is now. Think you should check out a hidden inlet, beach, or crack in the wall? Go now! You might not have the right conditions or timing on your next visit.
  • Debating a trip? Go for it. You won’t regret going with your gut. My Dad’s favourite line for the trip was when I told him we didn’t need to look at the map, “trust your instincts! Or even better, trust mine.” 
Rob Greve on a beach along the way – Courtesy Peter Greve Facebook

You can still donate to the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy by following the link.

Do you have a fundraising effort, large goal or event you think we should attend? Reach out to us at [email protected]