Large military aircraft not a threat

Stock Photo, Canadian Armed Forces Herculese (Dan Gray/

On the afternoon of August 25, 2021, SaultOnline received multiple reports of a large aircraft circling and dropping objects near McCarroll Lake.

Picture submitted by Donna Connelly of military aircraft circling McCarroll Lake.

We reached out to 8 Wing Trenton, home of the Canadian Armed Forces Search and Rescue Centre for the Central Region.

Public Affairs Officer for 8 Wing in Trenton, Sheila Tham, sent this statement to SaultOnline in response.

“There’s no active SAR – there was some training happening near Echo Bay with the aircraft landing in Sault Ste Marie, which is likely what was spotted,” said Tham.

During my time at the airport earlier this week I was able to speak with representatives of JD Aero.

JD Aero was the location where the Snowbirds parked overnight and, according to their manager, frequently hosts training aircraft and other military aircraft travelling across Canada that are less well known to the public.

Stay with SaultOnline as we continue to bring you news about activities within the Canadian Armed Forces.


  1. Shame they couldn’t drop some fish and game. The poaching pressure in the area has been devastating. A lot of those who can hunt and fish at any time of the year without licenses don’t seem to have any regard for their future generations. This is killing the angling and hunting for responsible outdoorsmen.

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