Local author releases children’s book inspired by Northern Ontario


Local author Kirstin Dias released her children’s book earlier this summer. “C is for CAMP: An Alphabet Adventure” is available online at www.bowandbearco.com and at select local retailers now.

Dias, a born and raised Saultite, is the Marketing Director at Community First, a Division of YNCU. She says the pandemic allowed her to reach a lifelong goal of publishing a book after repeated months of time spent at home reading books to her two children. “I have loved reading my entire life and have always wanted to write a book,” says Dias. “I finally felt like I found the time and the inspiration to do it.” Dias hired an Ontario illustrator, Rebecca Thompson, and self-published the book. “C is for CAMP” was written and illustrated specifically for Northern Ontarians to enjoy. Dias says, “I love the unique way we refer to cottages or cabins as ‘camps’. It’s something special that bonds us. I know that people outside of Northern Ontario may not understand the title, but that’s okay. I wrote this book for us.”

The alphabet-concept book is an homage to Northern Ontario and the unique way of life experienced in the North. The story follows two little bears through the alphabet as they enjoy a few days at camp. The focus is on accessible outdoor and imaginative play experiences. “You’ll notice that there are no boats or motorized toys featured in the book,” says Dias. “The pandemic has shown me how fortunate we are to live somewhere so naturally spectacular, especially with the limitations on travel these days. It was important to me to highlight outdoor activities that can be done with your kids both at camp and at the amazing local parks and beaches we all have access to.” Dias also has giving back in mind with her new online shop. She says, “Access to literacy is a cause that’s important to me. That’s why I donated copies of my book to our local library and to The Piper Project which stocks our hospital with books for new babies to take home. I am also donating a portion of proceeds to First Book Canada, which effectively delivers literacy resources to low-income children in Canada.”

Dias has sold over 1000 books since the launch in late June. The books are on sale now online and at select local retailers. Visit www.bowandbearco.com to purchase or for a list of shops to purchase from. And while the book is also available on Amazon and Indigo, Dias encourages those interested in picking up the book to choose a local, small business instead. “The response to the book locally has been beyond my wildest expectations. I have been shown so much support from our community,” Dias says. “Rather than buying online at a major retailer, I ask that you choose my small online shop or one of our amazing local businesses that took a chance on me.”

Book Summary:

Camp is more than just a getaway, it’s a way of life. Join two northern bears as they spend a few days at their camp, enjoying and exploring the outdoors. These happy campers take you from “Eh to Zed” in this uniquely Canadian adventure.

Written and illustrated by two Ontarians, “C is for CAMP” truly reflects the best of Canadian language and imagery.