Local Pilot of iconic aerobatic team comes home (17 photos)


Although some maintenance issues with aircraft and other issues delayed the flyover of Richards Landing and Sault Ste. Marie until last evening, the Snowbirds did make it in safe.

For Captain Patrice Powis-Clement, who grew up on St. Joe’s Island and started his flying career at the airport, coming home is always special.

“I always think it’s cool coming back and seeing things from the air. I flew at this airport for a few years with Sault College,” said Patrice. “It’s a beautiful area coming back in the tutor, and flying around and getting to see all those sites again, is really really cool.”

He admitted although everything goes by faster in the tutor jet but he loves all the support he gets from home.

“It means a lot to see people from my hometown, in my home area, support the Snowbirds no matter where we go. Even today in the hotel getting in the elevator heading downstairs,” said Powis-Clement. “A Stranger I never met before said that the whole country is behind us. And that is really, really awesome to hear. When we have long days like we did yesterday. That’s the kind of stuff that keeps us going.”

He had a piece of advise for anyone wanting to chase a career as a pilot which goes for many other careers also.

“Hard work is number one, and it doesn’t matter if you want to fly with forces or fly in general or just anything that you set out to do hard work is number one,” advises Patrice. If you focus on something, you can basically do whatever it is you want. Just be focused and have that drive to see something through.”

Unfortunately the Snowbirds won’t be going east as they had planned due to the remnants of a hurricane.

They took off yesterday to head for London, Ontario and the international airshow which is planned there for this weekend.

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  1. Canada needs to upgrade these planes to something modern and reliable before someone else gets killed. They don’t seem to be too concerned about it.

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