Maker North Inc. – Local entrepreneur solving problems, and stimulating career paths in young minds


Think of your most perplexing physical problem and there is a shop in town that can fabricate a solution.  The innovative team at Maker North Inc. have been instrumental to many companies and entrepreneurs, both locally, nationally, and internationally in terms of creating products to service needs as well as realizing creative visions by producing prototypes.  From fun items through to machine parts, Maker North Inc. is your go-to source.

Joseph Bertrand, the Founder / Director of this hive of industry, boasting capacity in 3D printing, woodworking as well as other fabrication methods, has spent the last several years building this business into the hub that it has become.  And he isn’t done.  Now, on top of the good work that he has done in support of our community as well as other businesses who have turned to him and his right-hand man, Riley Drover, he is looking to stimulate career-related thoughts in the youth of Sault Ste. Marie.

In partnership with Science North, and the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre, Maker North is currently hosting the Science North STEMpath program.  Having launched in the middle of July, this exciting opportunity is running until August 20th.  The free program is intended for children entering grades 7 though 9 and offers exposure to various aspects of the STEM sector.  Participants are provided with exposure to career paths in animation, 3D modelling, video editing, nursing, and more.  The activities provided are hands-on, and, in addition, there are presentations from special guests, and once per week field trips.  Although the program is currently full, parents of potential participants are encouraged to monitor the website at for availability as well as to gain access to virtual learning opportunities.