Mayor Provenzano explains city position on vaccination policy


Last week we brought you a story on the City considering it’s own vaccine policy. It was met with some resistance as well as some acceptance throughout the community as witnessed on multiple social media platforms as shown by some of the comments below.

Although it appears as though the provincial government may be coming forward with a vaccine passport, their are no details about how this might work.

Mayor Christian Provenzano responded to a request for comment last week regarding the City’s position on this issue.

“City Council will have a decision to make at our next meeting regarding vaccination policy at City facilities, and how it will impact access to our community centres and related programming. Staff is currently in the process of preparing a report with recommendations,” said Provenzano.  “I can tell you that I support vaccination mandates and passports, and I believe they represent an effective means to address the challenges posed by COVID-19. The City will continue to look for ways to ensure the public can access City services in a safe and responsible manner.”

Some people have suggested that this step would have the effect of dividing the populations, potentially stigmatizing those who choose not to vaccinate. Others, who are in favour of mass vaccinations, claim that while one does have the right to choose to not to get the shot, that choices have attending consequences.

Jason has both his shots and suggests it should be a choice.

“I’ll go out and say this everyone has the right to decide what they do and nobody should be forced for doing what they choose is right for them,” he said in a Facebook response. “If people are that scared when they go out continue to wear a mask if that makes you feel safe.”

James, on the other hand, commented, “I support all restrictions for unvaccinated.. it’s [their]choice with it.”

“Where in the municipal act do they have this right, exactly?” asked April Marshall.

Lastly, Valerie Pluss said “I don’t post much with regards to COVID and the vaccine etc. but Sault Ste. Marie is not the only city to implement that if you are not double vaccinated you will not be able to take part or enjoy certain activities. Cities all over Canada are passing this.”

SaultOnline has also reached out to federal candidates for their response in regards to COVID-19 and plans going forward, watch for that story later this week.


  1. Your Health Card is proof enough that you were vaccinated or not. What next , maybe Mr. Trudeau will have us wear arm badges which indicated what nationality we are and if we are Liberals voters or not. Isn’t this what they do in Communist countries.

  2. why does no one explain how they believe a vaccine passport will stop the spread of covid when provincial numbers posted on cp24 news tell us that the number of cases of vaccinated are catching up to the un vaccinated quit playing politics with our lives

  3. It still makes no sense. If you can still get Covid and pass it on even though you are vaccinated then what difference does it make to restrict the unvaccinated. It is their own health they are risking not anyone who is vaccinated and yes I am vaccinated.

  4. lol… If you’re scared wear a mask…

    I wear a mask not because I’m scared, but to protect those around me. Is it a minor inconvenience, sure, but I got my vaccination just like everyone has a vaccination against polio, smallpox, measles, etc.

  5. As to a vaccine passport, why isn’t the vaccine papers that you get from who did your shots to you good enough. I had mine done with the friendship center and they gave me a card for each shot. So I should not have to apply for a passport.

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