Mayor Provenzano suggests vaccine policy discussion for city


Following the announcements last week by Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and the Ontario Hockey League, Mayor Christian Provenzano suggests council needs to have a similar discussion.

In a retweet of other news organization’s story, Provenzano said he thinks it’s time for the city to consider a mandatory vaccine policy.

“I support this policy and thank the ⁦@OHLHockey⁩ for its leadership. ⁦@CitySSM⁩ city council has some decisions to make regarding access to municipal facilities and programs and I expect we will do so at our next meeting,” said Provenzano in this tweet.

Resident Chris MacQuarrie stated he would be one very happy resident if the city chose to have a vaccine requirement as in his mind it’s the right thing to do, Provenzano agreed with him.

Toronto Mayor John Tory last week mandated all TTC workers must be vaccinated.

“Staff who have not been vaccinated or who do not disclose their vaccination status by September 13 will be required to attend mandatory education on the benefits of vaccination. These unvaccinated individuals will then need to provide proof of first dose no later than September 30,” said Tory in a news release.

“As of October 30, all City staff will be required to have received their first and second doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. The City will comply with its human rights obligations and accommodate employees who are legally entitled to accommodation.”

It is unclear what is going to be suggested in Sault Ste. Marie. We have reached out to the City and Mayor’s office for clarification, we will bring you a follow-up if they can advise as to what the city is looking at doing.

The next council meeting isn’t scheduled until September 13, 2021. That means we will not know if this item makes the agenda until September 10, 2021. However it’s lining up to be a potentially long evening.

The city is to come back with a progress report on fundraising for the downtown plaza, council meeting schedule is supposed to come back and now a possible vaccination policy will make for a longer meeting.

Stay with SaultOnline as we bring you more information on this and other stories coming out of city hall.


  1. This is a very slippery slope! Considering that three proven effective therapeutic drugs were taken off the market so that big Pharma can make trillions of dollars off of this poisonous shot is totally abhorrent and disgusting to me. All three levels of government are corrupt. This election is going to be a REFERENDUM ELECTION TO CHOOSE TYRANNY OR DEMOCRACY! There is only
    one party opposed to all of these tyrannical and Draconian measures and that’s the PPC.

  2. Unknown is watching way too much CNN CBC etc actually the 92 percent owned Liberal media. There is a virus yes, the virus and the media helped launch a USA party into power. Will this be exercised in the September election here, who knows eh? Ron

  3. Excuse me? If I choose not to get an experimental shot that’s my choice…. If I am
    Forced to get it will the city pay my wages until I have enough in my pension until I can retire if I can no longer work? If it kills me (no one knows if it will or won’t as there is no guarantee) will they pay my wages to my spouse until I should have retired?? After all the shot could potentially result in a 2 income home to a 1 income home, why should my spouse loose my income because I am forced to do something I am Leary of?

  4. Lost my support!!
    Unbelievable..except a lot of lawsuits hope you have the budget 😡
    Everyone needs to stand up and fight back against Nazi politics in Ontario!!
    My body my choice .. you think employers have it hard now trying to get people to work, just wait!!
    #JustSayNo #ContactYourLawyers

  5. This is getting to be like Nazi Germany in 1937, “Your papers please “.
    Nobody had the right to force me to put chemicals in my body. What’s next, mandatory “showers” for those who don’t agree with the government.
    They work for us remember? By paying taxes we pay their wages.

    • Nobody is forcing you to do anything except respect the rights of others . Comparing that to Nazi Germany , really. Not only do you have rights David but so do the other 75% of the population that chose to do the right thing , the unselfish thing.

  6. Where in the Municipal Act does it say that it says that the Mayor and council are to mandate vaccinations in the municipality ?
    Page 100 of the Municipal Act clearly describes the Offices and duties of Mayor and Council.
    VACCINATION IS not one of them.
    This is Marxist BS by this council .

    • Are you stating the municipal act does not give the mayor and council that power. Call John Tory first there Ronnie and let him know. I not only expect council to pass this resolution but will demand it. I expect the school boards to do the same with teachers and staff. I also will patronize businesses that have a strict covid policy that serves only vaccinated individuals. This is the new reality so get use to it. Enough shutdowns because people are selfish.

  7. Our Leaders are very eager to make vaccinations mandatory, when it is experimental and not proven safe. Many deaths on the website. And not the mention many law suits against World Health Organization and CDC. I’ve downloaded the lawsuits and the evidence is undeniable. I won’t be injecting this poison in myself. You can still get Covid even if you’re fully vaxxed. This source of information really opened my eyes to the severity of these vaccines.

    • I don’t think mayor Pumpkinhead gets it. Head is full of stringy mush, makes it hard to think clearly. There’s a lot of suffering going on right now.

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