Morin-Strom “People are frustrated with Pace on Climate Change


Many Sault Ste. Marie and area residents are frustrated by the slow pace of action on climate change. “For decades, Canadians have seen successive Liberal and Conservative governments pay lip-service to the threat of climate change while continuing to subsidize the oil and gas industry with public money.” said Morin-Strom. “Now we are in a full-blown climate emergency, but just last year the Trudeau government still gave the fossil fuel industry $18 billion to support its operations. This is the opposite of real action on climate change.”

The NDP’s plan for climate action would eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and reinvest those dollars to help unleash Canada’s renewable energy potential and create good, sustainable jobs in a low-carbon economy – an economy in which the needs of everyday people are a priority, our lands and waters are protected, and the rights of Indigenous people are respected and upheld.

We invite community members who share that vision to come out on Friday afternoon to show their support.   Please join NDP candidate Marie Morin-Strom,at 4:45 pm this Friday at the intersection of Great Northern Road and Stevens Street, by the Canadian Tire gas bar, to stand in support of the NDP’s plan for real and effective action on the climate crisis.


  1. Lets not forget the Mr. Trudeau family business is the oil business. He’s family business get their oil directly from Saudi Arabia sidelining Alberta oil. Mr. Trudeau said he sold the company to a friend when he want into politics if you can believe that ,so than why to this day does Mr. Trudeau continue to fund Saudi Arabia with the Canadian Taxpayers money. Mr. Trudeau is playing the Climate Change Problem from both ends, he makes profits from his families oil business and he also makes money from the Carbon Tax he imposes on Canadians. Do you really wants this guy ruining Canada for another four years.

  2. Slow Pace On Climate Change , we would have to kill about 4 billion people of the Worlds population if you want to do it fast .That would slow down the Green House problem dramatically.

  3. Liberals lost my vote because of Bill C-75. My vote is going to the candidate that conveys they are either fed up with crime themselves or are listening to the people of this community. I haven’t heard any local chatter about people being fed up with the pace of climate change. You have to be completely out of touch if you don’t know what locals are saying they are fed up with.

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