New signs hang in Jamestown

Signs now hang at all the entrances to Jamestown after being hung Wednesday (Dan Gray/

A west-end community with a bad rap is working hard to change the image, levying a few dollars and signs at a time.

Signs now hang at all the entrances to Jamestown after being hung Wednesday (Dan Gray/

The members of Jamestown Strong and Youthhomes have been holding fundraisers in order to achieve a goal of changing the outlook of the city, starting with their community’s perspective.

In working towards that goal, three signs now hang at the entrances to Jamestown, namely at the corners of Carmen’s Way and Queen Street West, Albert Street West and Cathcart Street.

“We want to communicate to our city that our neighbourhood is a place where families live,” said Dennis Beaulieu, a resident of Jamestown and one of the people who installed the signs.

“It has a stigma at times that it’s a bit of a ghetto, however we care about our kids and we care about our families that live here, so we started this safety campaign to promote the message of driving carefully in our community.”

Denis would like to thank Compass Imaging for their help with the signs.

Tracy Lyn Autio-Lariviere was also at the installation . She has this message for people coming to Jamestown.

“We’re not a ghetto, we are families here who own our homes and we aren’t going to put up with any more of the issues that these criminals have in mind.”

In speaking with multiple residents of the area, there have been multiple private security systems installed with cameras in hopes of making the whole area safer by deterring criminal activities.

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  1. Unless the other signs have a different message, I would guess driving incidents are the least of their worries.
    Kudos to those involved for bringing forth a positive attitude in a trying time.

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