New Train station has ribbon cutting


The sun was shining down on the canal district this afternoon for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Agawa Canyon Train Station.

Featuring shops, a restaurant, an Indigenous Exibit and Outspoken Brewery, the station will become the both the start and finishing stop for the tour train.

MPP’s Ross Romano, Greg Rickford and owner Tony Porco made short statements thanking stakeholders, contributors and the community before a gathering of local Indigenous leaders and various members from our tourism sector before officially cutting the ribbon.

Tony Porco cuts the ribbon to the new train station located in the Canal District – (Dan Gray/

The building was made possible in part with funding from NOHFC.

Previous to the pandemic the tour train brought in upwards of 30,000 visitors to Sault Ste. Marie and has historically seen upwards of 100,000.

According to, the train isn’t running yet but expectations are for an announcement to be made by August 15 as to whether or not the tour train will resume operation in September.

Stay with SaultOnline as we bring you more information on the train, the tour and everything fall colours related for Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma.


  1. Like the bus station, another move that doesn’t make any sense fore the benefit of one filthy rich guy.
    Coming up: an unnecessary downtown plaza that the city cannot afford, while they continue to ignore many other important issues that take precedence.

  2. One of the most wealthiest men in Sault Ste. Marie yet again gets another handout from the government so that he can make more money! Thanks again Mr. Romano for helping out the small businesses in town that are going under… time to get your priorities straight sir!

    • Another hateful person who never has anything good to say and is obviously full of hate for successful people.
      John, time for you to create jobs through your business ventures.
      Or, just stay quiet.

      • Please, explain how this new building is going to produce significant employment versus what Mr. Porco was given freely for the structure. Most people get a split of grant/loan from most of these funding sources, yet he seems to walk away with all these funds in “grants”. Something fishy there… and as a matter of fact, my business has developed 22 jobs in this city within the last 6 months, and that was without a single government handout (not without trying to get grants/loans). The rich just seem to get richer in this city thanks to the helping hands of government. Just like his rink that was supposed to have free community access as it was paid for in bulk by grants… an hour a week is not what I think the government was thinking when they did that free handout. What a joke.

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