OLG launches single-event betting as federal legislation comes into effect


TORONTO — Gamblers placing bets through Ontario’s gaming agency can now make a wager on single sporting events.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. says single-event betting is now available through its new sportsbook Proline+.

Proline+ is only available online for now, but the agency says it will bring single-event wagering, dynamic odds, more games and new sports to its retail Proline offering next year.

OLG says Proline+ features chances to bet on North American and some international leagues.

It is offering gambling opportunities for league sports including hockey, football, basketball, soccer and baseball, but also chances to be on tennis, boxing, golf and mixed martial arts.

The launch of Proline+ was possible because of federal legislation that came into effect today, allowing Canadians to legally place bets on the outcome of single sporting events