Ontario plans to announce vaccine certificate system next week: sources


TORONTO — Ontario plans to announce a COVID-19 vaccine certificate system early next week, The Canadian Press has learned, marking a significant reversal from Premier Doug Ford on the issue.

Three senior government sources with knowledge of the situation said Friday that a plan for a certificate system is in the works, with the final details still being worked out.

The sources said the planned system – which would limit access to certain non-essential services based on vaccination status – will go to cabinet for discussion before an announcement is made.

The introduction of a vaccine certificate system would be a major reversal for Ford, who has publicly rejected the idea and said it would create a “split society.”

Calls have been growing, however, for Ontario to bring in such a system, with businesses, municipalities, health-care workers and opposition politicians saying it is needed as the province experiences a fourth wave driven by the highly infectious Delta variant.

Earlier this week, top officials at Ontario public health units said they were considering options for regional vaccine certificates in the absence of a provincial system.

Ontario’s chamber of commerce also released guidance for private businesses seeking to develop their own proof-of-vaccination protocols, saying it did so “in the absence of government guidance.”

The province’s COVID-19 science advisers have said a vaccine certificate system would allow high-risk settings to reopen sooner with greater capacity. The advisers also said such a system would help reintroduce stronger public health measures if needed in the future.

Similar systems have already been announced in British Columbia and Quebec, with the measures to take effect in the coming weeks. Manitoba is also expected to soon announce details of a vaccine passport.

Word of Ontario’s plans came after federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau scolded Ford earlier on Friday for not following other provinces in mandating vaccination for non-essential settings.

Trudeau promised $1 billion from a re-elected Liberal government for provinces choosing to implement vaccine passport systems and called directly on Ford to take up the offer.

“I certainly hope that here in Ontario, Premier Ford steps up, too,” Trudeau said. “It’s time for him to listen to public health officials.”

Opposition politicians in Ontario called Friday evening for Ford to move quickly with a provincial vaccine certificate.

“It is the right thing to do to keep Ontario families safe during the fourth wave and I will continue to urge Doug Ford to make it happen as soon as possible,” Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca said in a statement.

Green party Leader Mike Schreiner said Ford was playing “catch-up” on the issue.

“It’s time to put the politics and ideology aside and listen to public health experts on the best way to implement a vaccine certificate that is accessible, secure and effective,” he said in a statement.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath also called on the premier to act quickly.

“Doug Ford should come out of hiding, listen to medical experts and small business owners, and bring in vaccine certificates immediately,” she said in a statement.



  1. Opinions are like noses everyone has one..We will have to learn to live with this virus ,like we have done with other viruses over time.
    The problem with this Virus is the political parties have used it to their political advantage.The parties in the majority are using the virus as an excuse to remove and overide the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms purely for politcal gain.We have Liberal and Conservatives governments passing ilegal laws,When confronted use Provincial Emergency laws as a defence for their actions..Provincial Emergency laws do not over ride the Constitution or Charter of Rights and Freedoms

  2. If you haven’t noticed , Mr. Trudeau has been grooming Canadians since he was elected. First it was the emergency alerts, than it was tracking you thru your cell phone. Mr. Trudeau is taking full advantage of the Corvid 19 to further control and get you accustomed to being controlled by the Government. He has us wearing masks, waiting in lines and now we need a Covid Passport just to buy food and travel. All things that are our rights under the Charter Of Rights and Freedoms are now gifts from Mr. Trudeau. I don’t know about you but it sure seems to me that Mr. Trudeau is moving Canada into a Communist State where the sole purpose of the population is to work to make the State stronger. Unless people realize this and vote him out of office Canada will be the next North Korea.

  3. Sorry Boomer the old normal is gone, it’s the new normal and build back better now!! They will just keep moving the goalposts!!! Vaxxed people thought normal would be back after shot, they’re still wearing their masks aren’t they!

    • Yes, we who ARE fully vaccinated, such as I am, are still wearing masks, because of all the people who refuse to alter their “rights”, by resisting health mandates, refusing to mask up, and refusing to get their vaccination to resist Covid, instead of doing their part to keep others safe and get life back to a somewhat normal status.

      • Apparently from the medical officers on TV, they tell you that even though you are fully vaccinated you can still get it and spread it, apparently the vaxxed spread a more deadlier version, so we should be afraid of you. Take a look at Israel, look at how many fully vaccinated people who are in the hospital with covid. If the vaccination works why are you worried about us!

  4. We’re kind of stuck in it now, so we’ll have to go the vaccine route since only 1/3 of countries actually complied with the WHO’s suggestions for a viral pandemic plan, even though we all signed it after SARS in 2004…but mandating things that were already a given right never leads anywhere good…80 years ago Nazi’s were telling Germany the “Jews” were the problem and then they weren’t allowed in public either…I’m not saying the end result will be the same but the pattern of thought which lead to it happening can’t be good either….especially when our governments actions were actually the problem and now their trying to divert….we have to stop being brainwashed by the media and government and start asking more questions like why didn’t we follow the pandemic plan we signed?….What steps have we taken to rectify that?….Why did you let big box’s sell non-essentials for so long?…..Why can’t you mandate banning the prescription of man made Opiods which is also a current pandemic getting worse…since mandating seems to be no problem for them?…start asking question instead of following directions and you’ll start to see the change you want.

  5. I’m 100% behind Ford and I am sure he is just doing it because Mr. Trudeau had plans on making it a Federal law. Canada is looking like a communist country more very day . When governments start wanting Canadians to give up their Rights for the promise of safety the end of Democracy is not far away.
    Remember in a Federal Election we are not voting directly for those running for the PM office. We are voting for those running for the seats in Parliament , it’s likely possible that Mr. Trudeau could be the most hated person in Canada and still be elected PM of Canada because he won the majority of seats in Parliament. So remember not to vote for the person in your riding just because you like him vote for the person you want to be PM of Canada for the next four years. NOT TRUDEAU

  6. Lets wait and see if the Provincial Government will mandate it and make it as a law(short term). Or will they leave it up to the businesses to decide whether or not to implement.Will they allow bars and restaurants to go back to normal capacity which would include dancing and regular capacity as long as patrons have vaccine passports. Im not agreeing or disagreeing with this law, but if you are gonna mandate it then u better not have the business on the hook with a decision and have an outlash from irate customers

    • I feel for the employee at the door who will have to turn away customers. Are they trained to handle such events? Will phony evidence of proof start showing up? It would be so much easier also to have included a little star…for example…on our health cards which would be proof of both shots. After all we all have a health card and it would negate having another card to carry.

    • Actually Boomer it will be up to the businesses not the government. Sorry but sooner or later you as an owner will have to make a decision. Do you want to continue being shut down or are you going to implement a vaccine passport mandate in your bar. I think you will actually see people like me patronizing a bar because i know that everyone in the place is vaccinated. I also would like to know if the person sitting beside me in a plane is vaccinated or if the teacher of my children’s class is vaccinated. It is the new normal and no the government has not created it , the pandemic has.

  7. This should already be implemented and fully in place! What have our political leadership been doing? Watch and waiting isn’t the answer!! Announcing passports being required by certain venues needs to be thought out and planned, not announcing it a few days before it is required.
    Here we go shooting from the hip again, figure it out later!

  8. “Word of Ontario’s plans came after…Justin Trudeau scolded Ford…for not……mandating vaccination for non-essential settings.”
    Who wants to bet Trudeau is unofficially using transfer payments to Ontario as leverage?

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